Am not sure the number of digital artists who has followed the enthusiastic global movements by many high profile movers and shakers in the art industry during the last few years, concentrating on bringing the new Digital medium of creativity to the fore-front of art buyers and audiences of art lovers. Well, a select group of UK organizations took the plunge several months ago by announcing multi-million dollars support for Digital Art and Artists. Very happy news indeed!

Well now, The Lumen Prize Exhibition has just been announced, with the world’s first international prize and tour celebrating the very best fine art created digitally

This is real welcome news!

So, they are looking for:
Digital photography, iPhone and iPad art, photo manipulation, video or stills of 3-D CGI models, graphic design, illustration, non-narrative film and animation work are all eligible provided the work has not been commercialised or previously sold.

Info site: http://lumenprize.com/how-enter

Please visit their website and get all the essential information to climb on-board and participate immediately. The deadline for last entries will be July 31st, 2012.

Good luck to everyone!

Solomon Walker
Museum Of Digital Fine Art (MODFA)

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