MODFA April Exhibitions - till May 5, 2012

Thanks to all our participating Artists and Photographers once again for their contribution to the MODFA latest exhibitions – .

The two new openings are presented at MODFA Xhibitions, our newest website, presenting Photography (“Denude Exhortations”) featuring: Aleci, Margaret Hormann, Mike Waldron, Kaleena (aka PinkK), Izidor Gasperlin.
And, Fine Art (“Biological Rhythms”), featuring: Heike Schenk Arena, Tom Repasky, Nikolay Semyonov, Suresh Saraswat, Artstudio Norarts (alias Nora Peinzger), Stephen A. Zimmerman.

As always, we look forward to having everyone visit the exhibitions and to leave us a feedback. Also, if you are an artist or photographer, we welcome your submitted creative work for future exhibitions.

All the best to everyone!

Solomon Walker
Museum Of Digital Fine Art (MODFA)

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