Digital Age New Artists

Art & Beyond Magazine has just published their April 2014 issue dedicated entirely to the Digital Arts and Photography. Its a wonderful accomplishment for the new medium and all the artists and creative people pioneering in the field.

As the Director and curator at the Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) since 2008, I have seen alot of changes across both mediums, and alot of creative individuals have accomplished incredible feats with their careers too. Here on RB, and elsewhere, select photographers and Digital artists have leaped above the crowd and are making a name for themselves. It’s very wonderful to see the growth, and am optimistic for the Digital medium overall.

So, we are in early spring of 2014, and it’s great to say that those included in the new fabulous issue of Art & Beyond Magazine are current or past RB members, and also former participants at the MoDFA. And, one major contributor to the magazine is the Talented PAUL ALLEYNE – who wrote a fantastic article on Digital creativity in the 21st century. Way to go Paul!

To all artists and photographers, keep pushing the talent, and we looking forward to your continued stride in making stunning and unforgettable art work and captivating photo images. And, please do keep sending in your creative work to us at the MoDFA for evaluation to participate in one of our monthly exhibitions.

Cheers to everyone!!

Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA)

Journal Comments

  • Michael A. Morrison
  • Solomon Walker