boredom and anxity

Do you ever get to that place where it seems that you have so many ideas and yet it’s like none will ever happen? It seems like that’s where I have been stuck for the past few weeks. I have so many shoots that I would love to do and yet I have no one to model for them plus even if I did it’s just impossible to find the time, with work and college at night I just cant seem to get anything I want done.

I know it’s nothing new but I start to feel anxity from it all just because even the smallest of things, like a simple shoot seem to avoid me. So I sit here after a long day of not working today, feeling like I am going to go insane from boredom just to type a boring little journal entry, Which is something I never really care to do seeing as how I have so little to say.

I really wish I could just pack up and move to England (I have decided I would really love it there) and just get by doing things I enjoy instead of always wanting to make more money just to buy something better and feel like I am making something out of my life, when I know I am just buying a minute of happiness.

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