The Fine Art of Photography

A favorite of mine personally, I love the works of Jeff Stroud ~ Professional Photographer
Dreams of Artists loves the following photographs & look forward to more.

Statues in window ~
East Pyne Hall ~
lammas leaves ~
Beaded Flowers ~
Puddle reflection ~
The letter ~ “MAY WE NEVER FORGET”
Mushroom Pancakes ~
Winged Wonder ~
Bursting forth ~
butterflies are free ~ ”
Dark Red – surprise!
American Black Vulture ~
Apple Still Life ~
Green tomatoes ~
Norman’s home ~
Bee @ flower
stamens of the tiger lily ~ and,
Fresh Home Grown Sandwich ~ “Man O Man—I’m heading to your kitchen! This photograph is making me drool!”
yellow gerber “Jeff, I love this photograph! It captures EXACTLY how I feel every morning as I wake up joyful and stretch into a new day.”
underneath view ~
in the pink ~
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Kathy Smith

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