just my crazy dream...nothing more

well i seemed to have had this dream for bout 4 days now… not sure what to make of it… the wierd thing is that it never ends the same.. either the background is diff. or the sounds are.. last night was the first time i could hear voices… ok, ok, im going crazy… lol… i must be… im sure you’re wondering what my dream was… ok i can only remember bits and peices of it.. the one thing i seem to keep the same is the fact my chest seems to feel like there is someone or something sitting right on it… the air is either really thick or i just cant seem to catch my breath… then everything goes black… i hear people talkin all around me but i cant understand what they say… almost like whispers or the wind maybe… what seems like forever … then a smell kinda like a sweet, warm…. donut..lol.. kinda like that… then all of a sudden there is a beautiful light from the corner of my eye almost as if my eyes are seeing for the first time.. the voices become really loud and make no since the cold goes away then my body in this dream begins to move away from my mind… im looking at myself in second person… i see me… moving around lost and scared… my mouth is moving but i hear nothing… then i woke up…. when i woke up i felt very scared confused and it seemed like i was crying… well… i told ya im goin crazy… this is the dream i have been dreaming for the past 4 days… hmmmm.

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