Carol's spot II

Well I noticed many new people joining everyday, I have had dome very nice comments on my work. It has made me feel great. I have also had some work featured in a couple groups. It is nice to know on a rainy day like today. Some rainy days bring gloom and down spirits. When this starts to happen I come to RB not only to look at my groups but to look into others. This way I get a broad spectrum of mediums, art and all it’s different aspects.
At 73 I like to learn, and viewing other works of all aspects makes realize that I only see what is in my narrow view. Eaxpanding that view is upper most for me.
That is why I will be taking a class at my local community college this fall. The classes are usually made up of all ages and it is interesting to get the in put from all.
P. S. It also gets me out of the house and making my day.

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