Why me?

Hey this is my first journal entry YAAAAY for me
Well i’m just going to tell you all something. Its hard for people out there when they haven’t got a job and are trying to start their own business. I’m trying to open my own photography studio and i only know how to take the photo. I don’t know how to do retouching and i don’t have lights or backdrops or anything besides a camera and a reflector disk, which is fine for outside work but not studio work.
I don’t have a job cause no one wants to hire a “bigger” type of woman even though i have the relevant experience and find it easy to learn new things. They don’t want to take that chance.
I don’t have the money to do anything i want to do, because of the job front, but also because friends of mine have ruined my credit rating by using my good nature. I also help people before i help myself and now i’m in a bad predicament. I live in a tiny unit that is falling apart, the landlord/agent doesn’t care and i can’t get a house cause of the credit situation. I know i am happy to have a roof over my head, but now there is another person living here (my fiancee) its getting a little cramped with all his stuff and my stuff together, not to mention all my photos in frames that are in the wardrobe collecting dust cause i can’t hang anything here.
Oh and then there’s the government. They stiffed the pensioners outta $30 extra a week and they didn’t even think about the centrelink recipiants who are trying to find work but can’t get it cause everything is outsourced. They don’t provide anything for the people who are truely trying to make it in this world but can’t get a leg up. We have to live in high rental priced units, buy food with the rising prices, pay bills and some have to put petrol in their cars…. all on roughly $400 a fortnight! Thats less than pensioners. I have to pay for medical things too cause i have diabetes but the government only gives me $2.50 in pharmacutical allowance, and thats only if i have a medical certificate. How is anyone supposed to be successful in their own business and do something they love, when they get no help at all?
So if anyone can help by buying at least one of my photos or wants an ‘outdoor’ photo shoot for now, please contact me as we all start out as struggling artists and rely on others to help spread the word.
Thanks for your time everyone and please excuse the rant LOL

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