Hey everyone

Hi everyone. I’m kinda back now from being away for sooooo long. As my last journal entry states, i had depression and relationship problems.
Well this went from bad to worse when my boyfriend broke up with me cause i was too clingy and supposedly used him as a counsellor. I did that because thats what i thought relationships were all about, sharing and caring! Apparently not. I was in hospital for a little while as well. So now i’m single, lonely, sad and actually somewhat happy as well. I mean i miss him a lot but only cause he meant so much to me and my life. Now i’m moving on!

Anyway, i’m slowly getting over it and will try to get back to doing some new photography for you all!

Check you all out later!

What a downward spiral

Hey everyone
Its been a while since i have contributed any new photos but there has been a reason.
I’ve been suffering in silence with depression and relationship problems for a while now and have only recently sought help…. not to mention almost ruining my fantastic relationship with my boyfriend who i care very deeply for.
Plus i have moved in the meantime and can’t find new batteries for my cameraLOL then there is bills that need to be paid BEFORE i buy new batteries.
So if anyone wants to ask me anything for a while please email my gmail account: as i’m at my parents for a while and they have very strict rules about me using the net, including i’m not allowed to network to sell my work, not allowed to research photography equiptment or anything but i can dir…

Wow another feature!

Thanks to everyone at the Burst!- Anime and Manga group for featuring my Hmmm wanna mess with me drawing!!
Means a lot when people recognise my artwork so thanks everyone

Hey All

I’m back everyone!
Computer is partially fixed, fixed enough to let me use it at least.
Miss me??
LOL I missed you all

Goodbye...... for now

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know i’ll be away for a couple of days as my computer has a virus.
My boyfriend and i have tried to get rid of it in all the normal ways but it has stayed so we’re getting my photos off and totally killing the computer.
If you have sent me a message in the past 36 hours please resend them and i will endeavour to answer them when we fix my computer.
Have fun everyone and i’ll look forward to seeing all your beautiful work when i return, from the depths of hell MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sorry going insane from not being able to use my own comp. :(
See you all soon

Can Anyone help?

Hi again everyone
Just wanted to ask everyone, whether living in Adelaide, Australia or not if they could help me set up my photography studio?
At the moment i don’t have a job, not through lack of trying mind you! So if anyone can help with equipment, teaching me how to do retouching and photo manipulation.. or anything like that i would gladly take it.
I know this mite sound stingey but only because i don’t have a job, i ask you all to donate all this. I would be happy to advertise your work and market your name through the studio as compensation, but right now i can’t pay for it.
If you can help please bubble me or comment here.

Thanks so much everyone.


I'm such a helpless person LOL

Hey everyone

Thanks to all those of you who have added my work to their favourites and left comments. Means a lot to me and i appreciate it heaps.

The reason i’m writing this because i would like to learn a lot more in the way of photography and editing my photos.

If any is able to teach my how to edit photos to say take out things and put them onto another background etc i would be so appreciative.


Thank You

I have just been looking through my featured works list and would like to throw out a HUGE thank you to the Live, Love, Dream group for featuring Marry Me as well as The Rings.

Then there’s the Bits and Pieces group who has featured Richard The Donkey – Gaming

And who can forget the first of my works to be featured in the Adelaide/South Australia We Will Remember

Thank you so much to everyone of you for featuring my work and helping me slowly get my name out there to make this a career for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Hey everyone
Just wanted to say i have updated my profile page with pictures and animated GIFs. If you have a look please BubbleMail me with what you think if you have time and can be bothered LOL
I like the look of it but have a tendancy to go overboard sometimes.
I hope you enjoy it


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait