Freedom of speech for church officials? what about fair and equal freedom of speech and from speech for everyone?

I got this from newsmax a great while back , I was ABHORED , this made me sick the kind of abuse that certain church people want to INFLICT on other groups of people in order to secure THEIR rights to free speech…. (what about the right to freedom from EXCESSIVE PREACHER – Speech-spam ant the rights for these other groups to have EQUAL SPEECH AIR TIME?? .. HMMM… read on please… (part of this is my rebuttal to thier message I got from them in my email ..
Disclaimer: The views of Chaplain Klingenschmitt, who was honorably but involuntarily discharged from the Navy in 2007 after facing court-martial for praying ‘in Jesus name’ in uniform, (but was later vindicated by Congress), are his own personal views.
taken from Newsmax letter I received..
Please find below a special message from our sponsor, Pray In Jesus Name. They have some important information to share with you. Thank you.
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When Sen. Leahy (D-VT) attached the pro-homosexual “Pedophile Protection Act” to the Defense Authorization Act, he imagined zero resistance from House Democrats, or from President Obama. He failed to realize, however, how the battle to fund the F-22 Raptor jet for our Air Force could shoot the homosexual agenda down in flames. We have one last chance to stop the “Hate Crimes” bill, by demanding the House Conferees stand firmly by their 389 to 22 vote to fully fund the F-22 fighters. If they do, President Obama has vowed to veto the entire bill, and kill the pro-homosexual “Hate Crimes” amendment with it.

Furthermore, after our 1,055,000 petitions were read by some Senators, they voted 78-13 to pass Sen. Brownback’s good amendment to the Hate Crimes bill, protecting freedom of speech by pastors, stating the federal hate crimes law shall not be “applied … in a manner that infringes” First Amendment rights or that “substantially burdens any exercise of religion … speech, expression, [or] association, if such exercise of religion, speech, expression, or association was not intended to … incite an imminent act of physical violence against another.” Sen. Brownback provided additional protection for religious exercise and free speech beyond the minimum protection that a court may apply. Your faxes to the Senate helped win this victory! (Much to the dismay of the homosexual lobby, who even now is demanding Conferees undo the good we’ve done.)

But Conferees have power to strip the Brownback Amendment, which we must protect. And Conferees have power to equip American pilots with F-22 fighter jets, which would guarantee Obama’s veto of the entire “Pedophile Protection Amendment.” So we must act, and now petition the House and Senate Armed Services Committees for two things:
1) Keep the good Brownback Amendment, and don’t allow it to be stripped in conference.
2) Keep the good F-22’s, and equip American pilots with the best fighter jets in the world.
As an Air Force Academy graduate, I can say our military pilots deserves the best jets, which President Obama and some Senators sadly wish to stop funding, even while they load our Pentagon Budget with special rights for homosexuals, pedophiles, and deviants.
F222’s are not good they are evil in the sense that they destroy , ok maybe a nessessary evil for now, but we dont need more we need to phase them out and phase out war… war on both sides is a crime… and must stop

What do homosexual rights have to do with Pentagon spending? Everything, if you’re a Democrat trying to hide an unpopular “pedophile protection” bill from the American people. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate and argued essentially that since he couldn’t get 60 honest votes to pass the “Punish Pastors, Protect Pedophiles” hate crimes S. 909 as a stand-alone bill, it should instead be attached as an amendment to S. 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) then attached the homosexual bill to the Pentagon budget, without allowing a committee vote. Only your public outrage allowed Sen. Brownback to protect free speech against sin.

By hiding the hate bill as an amendment to Pentagon spending, moderate Democrats (and all but two Republicans) are faced with a difficult choice: either pass the Pedophile Protection Act or STOP PAYING OUR TROOPS serving overseas. Faced with a “poison pill” many moderates may falsely claim they have no choice but to swallow. Unfortunately all Senate Democrats voted 63-28 with five RINO Republicans (Sens. Voinovich-OH, Lugar-IN, Murkowski-AK, Snowe-ME, Collins-ME), to invoke cloture and end debate on the pro-homosexual bill. But the Senate and House verison don’t agree, so Conferees will meet to further amend this bill.


So let’s all telephone all members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, whose members will send conferees. Their phone numbers are here and here. Let’s tell them to strip all homosexual rights from the Defense Authorization Act, please Defund F-22’s, or at least Modify and keep the Brownback Amendment which protects pastors freedom of religious speech And Hermaphrodites rights to be Hermaphrodites and For the rights of all citizens , Gay or striaght Homo or Lesbo or bisexual or anything in between so long as it is discrete, like dscrete physics
please Sign a bill that stops this Bullying of fringe groups by the church , pastors or anyother such orginization, they have rights, but we Have rights too , it is not a question of weather or not we should have rights, we have rights, and they are being violated by pastors , and other church officials and religious leaders, it is time we collect ourselves and FIGHT BACK against this NONSENSE!!

But remember, 100 emails = 10 phone calls = 1 fax = at least 10,000 STUPID LAZY BIGOTS !!
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The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings in late June on Senator Ted Kennedy’s "Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act,” (better known to conservatives as the “Pedophile Protection Act”) but never voted on the stand-alone bill S.909, instead Sens. Leahy and Levin stuffed it into the Pentagon Budget. The bill broadly defines many “sexual orientations” requiring protection by federal prosecutors, and if the Brownback amendment gets stripped in conference, it will also endanger free speech by pastors who criticize sin ( well no actually it is these pastors that should get stripped it’s ok to critisize sin , but what they are critisizing is not sin , but a person basic rights and human dignity.
we fought so long and hard to abolish slavery , now these pastors want to bring back a slavery of a new kind..
WE MUST OPPOSE THIS! thank you , please sign my pettition opposing thier opposition to whatever figment of thier imagination they are opposing.. Thank you very much.

“one persons DEVIANCE , is another persons NORMAL , who has the right to judge, as long as noone is in any actuality getting hurt?” we must refrain from such hateful words.. Deviances!! Pfft! Relegious leaders are DEVIANTS
IMHO!! thank you.. But as I said, let us refrain… peacefully thank you very much.

The bad Leahy “Hate Crimes” Amendment to the Pentagon Budget S. 1390 mirrored a House bill H.R. 1913, already passed 249-175 along strict party lines, which makes “sexual orientation,” “gender,” and “gender identity” into federally-protected classes under the law, and protects up to 547 types of sexually deviant behaviors, including:

now where did they pick all this garbage info from? I think they are just fearful of allmost any strange thing they dont know or understand
let us just be tolerant and accepting of them and re-educate them, show them our peace, to counter thier violence…
the only one listed here which is a crime and should be depending upon circumstances of course should be the pedophilia all the rest is just wierdness being different or weird is not a crime no matter how wierd it is , but it should be done if done at all taking the greatest of precautions
many of these things can make you quite ill or even dead.. take pedophilia as another possibility yes pedophilia is a crime but I know of one case where pedophilia led to the death of the pedophiliac it is still a crime, pedophilia , for most cases , but in some cases it is not it really should depend on circumstances and situation etc..
and of course weather any harm was done .. if the person turns out fine like in the case of some rare cases where it was an older kid and a younger kid then since they are both under age, it cannot ever be prosecuted as a crime and though it might not seem right or natural or
according to ones beliefs permissible , that it just happens with children sometimes.. but it is not a crime, just nature running its course, but adult who seek out kids and try to force or coerce sex , as in actual sex from kids that is a crime, as well as sending or providing negative , or inappropriate materials or other things that kids should not have is a crime as well like say explosives or guns or nude picture of well just about anyone again this might also depend on the context or situational details but in most cases sending any sch things to children that would cause children harm , physical mental or emotional abuse should be considered a crime. forcing kids to take any medications that can have serious negative affects should also be a crime as well, but there must also be intention to do harm, without intention then it is negligance
which happens a lot, so the best cure for that is informing people about everything and then trying to do what is the best thing possible
being informed forming networks of communication , not based on any religion, but on truth and science.
incest with brothers and or sisters both under age is fairly common. it happens, but should be dealt with someplace else besides in the court and jail or prison system

  • Incest – sex with one’s offspring (a crime, of course) actually this is incorrect Incest is sex with ones brother or sister or any close relative usually of about the same age , and should be dealt on a case by case basis.. but if they are both above the age of consent and are both concentual then it should not be a crime according to what I believe.. but weather it is the wises choice of things to do?? it would be better that one chose someone as a mate that is further away from there genome that way they will have better kids, maybe .. but still this is a freedom of choice issue and everyone should have the right to choose who they will marry and have kids with , and all, if they are both happy and the kids turn out fine then all the better!! good and bad both could result from same lineage marriages, or relations but like any such thing there should be mutual consent and of sufficient age to make such a choice , it is good to know many people before you settle down with just anyone of the many possible choices.. but sometimes.. the first one is the winner.. but same lineage close lineage, if the both over the age of consent and both are fully committed and consenting, according to what I would believe not a crime, but every situation is to be taken separately , and based on a lot of factors relating to the degree of harm on the mental physical and emotional levels…
  • Necrophilia – sexual relations with a corpse, also a crime should not be a crime very bad for your health, if you know anyone who actually does this prayer wont help get him some counseling and a DOCTOR! fast but do this compassionately
  • Pedophilia – sex with an underage child, another crime
  • Zoophilia – bestiality, a crime in numerous states should not be a crime but a crime if it causes harm to the animal or depending on situation
    also this person needs some help maybe, unless they are a scientist performing some strange experiments, but they better be knowing what they are getting into and all the diseases they could get I would say that is not always a crime but forcing people to have sex with animals or forced sex with animals where it hurts the animal that I might consider a crime some weird people do weird things , but if you do do these at your own risk , but I think we should not arrest them and book then right off, we should have them evaluated for psychological disorders, but weirdness in of itself is not a crime
  • Voyeurism – a criminal offense in most states should only be a crime if it causes harm to any persons being voyeur-ized , or if the voyeur films such activity without consent and makes it available to others also without consent
  • Fronteurism – a man rubbing against an unknown woman’s buttocks this could happen by accident, so lets take this off the books please!! (especially in crowded places)
    and these two are well not a crime in my book, but who knows, unhealthy maybe? but a crime , no… just educate them or suggest they educate themselves about what could happen or what is in this , i know some people might think this is sick but done correctly both have been found to cure certain ailments but the feces may contain harmful bacteria , and toxins. so must be very sure that is safe cause when you eat toxins you are basically eating poison and bacterias, the wrong kinds can make you sick a small amount though of the right kinds of bacterias can actually help restore the natural bacterias in the intestines but i would get much more information and be very well informed and maybe even get one two or three good doctors to provide accurate information and if you do, you do so at your own risk but no-one really get sexually off on feces okay, unless they are nuts so the sexual part could be removed , non crime , but weird and especially the feces part might be unsafe, consult your doctor about the safety risks and almost miniscule benefits of feces.. but again do so at your own risk the urine , for the most part practically harmless if it is your own.. again the sexual arousal part should be taken out you don’t get sexually aroused from getting peed on or such
    or watching someone pee, well maybe , but between consenting adults .. in private not a crime , or if by accident … depending on circumstances , but practice respect close the door or look away or whatever you need to do , and don’t make such a big deal of it, practice discreteness where it is commonly done so basic rule is wherever you are do as other people are doing or not as you wish so long as it is peaceful non violent and causes not harm to any other mind body or emotional state, and if it does separate the harm from the harmee
    but these two are definitely debatable I would say in most of these minor things it depends on 1. intent 2 harm or who is being harmed if any
    and 3 situation and circumstances etc like reason for doing it… etcetera lets not make a non crime a crime
    and nudity is not a crime either, not even in public but somehow that got into law… let us try taking that out of the law!! heaven forbid the churches would really have an outrage! wouldnt they? but nudity in public should be dealt with thusly as being based on the public view of nudity some cultists or some groups of people have nudist groups and they never have any problems, well seldom but most of those problems aren’t due to their nudity , and no nudist are sexual addicts or hyper-sexual, that is a myth , for they most part they just are well nude, they are folks that find clothes rather confining should we force them to have to wear clothes if they find them rather confining? there are times when even a nudist would wear clothes , like when it is really cold the nudists they find clothes as being restrictive, and it prevents the flow of the wind over their skin and it isolates them from the warmth of the sun nudists respect all others, nude or clothed , if they look they do not stare
    or if they do say by accident they quickly correct themselves and they never laugh or make comments about their or others nudity and never take any pictures without consent of all those pictured… that is if they are what I would call law abiding taking pictures as such is always only legal with consent, but then if no harm is done,then how can this be a crime? let us not run our law and order based on the bible and let us stop arresting people for being free the nudist way of life symbolizes freedom which apparently the ones making today’s laws strongly oppose
    they oppose to us having rights and freedoms let us change that right now its not about churches and more about rights and freedom
    and nudity is a right and a freedom that should be protected… so long as it does not cause harm to self or other mental emotional and physical states physical states ie cut pierce mutilation maiming or killing
    theft of property also constitutes a crime as well, all to be taken on a case by case basis , and let us be more lenient on the little things
    making squabble and arrests over petty things is a waste of time and taxpayers money so let us protect freedom and rights, all the human ones forget god, we have human rights as well god comes in later , mankind came into the reality we are in long before there was any god and we all got along fine without god and thins was for hundreds of thousands and millions of years, not quite a billion years , about half a billion years in my estimates… we did come from the stars and from Mars… Venus had life but not higher life .. highest intelligence was of lower mammals approximately, but since all this time all or almost of all evidence of life was extinguished , not by god because it was evil but by fate
    okay these following might be a little strange , but if it is self inflicted , and no harm is actually being done, and it is done
    as discretely as possible, they why judge them? if it truly makes them happy, I say let them continue , but let’s be discrete about it and not make such a mountain out of a molehill..
  • Coprophilia – sexual arousal from feces
  • Urophilia – sexual arousal from urine

Attempts by House Republicans to add amendments stating “pedophilia is not protected as a sexual orientation” were specifically blocked and defeated by House Democrats. Lesbian Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) expressed opposition to excluding pedophiles from the bill, and Democrats voted with her to strike any child-protection amendment. She claimed that pedophiles would not be defined within “sexual orientation,” but wouldn’t put that in writing, and refused to define that phrase “sexual orientation,” which Congressman Steve King (R-IA) said will include all 547 sexual deviance-es listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-III manual of clinical psychoses, including pedophilia, so now thanks to most Democrats, child molesters will be protected by federal law.

In response on the House floor, Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) not only admitted it would, but defended that all 547 psychoses SHOULD be defended by this new law, saying, “This bill addresses our resolve to end violence based on prejudice and to guarantee that all Americans regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability or all of these ‘Philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’ that were put forward need not live in fear because of who they are. I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this rule.”

protecting gays , lesbians hermaphrodites, and robots and aliens from outer spaces Rights heck , if they are here alive and Highly Intelligent then they have rights too, Let us not be seen in the eyes of the new galactic federation as a bunch of bullies and blame pushers!! thank you very much!

QUOTING THE BIBLE IN CHURCH WILL BE PUNISHED (punished for quoting the bible I think they are paranoid, they can read the bible so long as they don’t commit a crime while doing the act , ie ergo defactum if they cause hurt or injury to other said person then maybe they shouldn’t
perhaps they should read that bible in the closet? ie in private
So can Quoting freedom get yo Punished too , can we all just give it a rest please??
please do not sign the pastor & various religious groups version of this petition , we need to do away with religion
and have No religion , and now wars based on religion , yes they do have rights, but they also have..
the right to remain silent , any thing they say can and WILL be used against them , these are nut cases , and I feel that they need to be watched more closely , with a careful eye.
do unto others as you would have others do unto you isn’t it? not do unto others as they do unto you
an eye for an eye was abolished long ago at the time of christ , and holds still in the muslim religion what you do is a crime to the religion and a crime to well the poor victim you should preach in the closet perhaps, but if that, how would that would cause you such pain??
you should be ashamed for preaching to people that blatant untruth, untruth because it is not in the bible anywhere , well not any original bible Koran or other, and if it is it should be taken out.. as per do onto others as you have others do unto you… tolerate others who differ from you or are of differing viewpoint it is biblical my friend also, but the bible and the Koran are both archaic and with fault so we should throw them both out , is gay bashing tolerance? no it is not another bible slander we need tolerance , truth , justice , and fairness, tolerance open minded acceptance liberty freedom equal rights and protections for all amen . is that asking too much I think not…

If Conferees strip the good Brownback Amendment to the bad “Hate Crimes” Bill, not only will sexually deviant behaviors gain legal protection, this legislation also lays the legal foundation to investigate, prosecute and persecute pastors, youth pastors, Bible teachers, and anyone else whose speech and thought is based upon and reflects the truths found in the Bible. How will this legislation over-rule the First Amendment?

yes but they are not who is being under fire here , so being the antagonist, should we really protect these people?
those who throw stones , get stones thrown back at them.. after all it is only fair..
and this has been going on far too long, It needs to stop , RIGHT NOW!!

S. 909 broadly defines “intimidation,” thus a pastor’s sermon could be considered “hate speech”
well it is.. have you ever actually HEARD their rather intense and extreme Hate speech?
Why you can even see the look of that hatred they are feeling towards those groups that they hate..
well some people can, maybe not everyone, maybe we should get in some expert face- readers , and perhaps a polygraph could be useful here too..
if heard by an individual who then acts aggressively against persons based on any “sexual orientation.” The pastor could be prosecuted for “conspiracy to commit a hate crime” or for “inciting violence against gays” simply by quoting the Bible in church. And the First Amendment won’t automatically protect pastors, since speech accused of “inciting violence” is not protected, and is punishable, under precedent of Supreme Court rulings. In 1993 Wisconsin v. Mitchell, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a “hate speech” law providing enhanced punishments for violent crimes based on racial motives as revealed by speech of the accused, (which would now apply broadly to punish any “anti-gay motives” in the speech of accused pastor “co-conspirators.”) But pastor, if a crazy person in your audience commits a crime against a heterosexual, don’t worry, you’ll get a comparative discount in your prison time.
yeah and same goes for any religious leaders of any of the major religions of the world, I say : CASE Closed.
edited By John Robert Von Einem:
here I answered their questions and added some truth to go with their truth , let the truth set you me and us all free, you are barking up the wrong tree this will never fly , unless by criminal activities… let us stop this (the rest of this page except edit…
IS PRAYER IN JESUS’ NAME A “HATE CRIME?” NO, it depends if you are praying in Jesus name , while bashing gays, or telling them they are
not following gods laws and or need to be punished , or by taking away gay , lesbians , Bisexuals, and Hermaphrodites the right to not only be who they are , but to free speech, the right to marry and all the other basic god given rights that we all have weather they are christian , or Bhudist ,(yes Bhudism is a religion and a rather fine one too they preach and practice nonviolence as a RULE, not an optional unlike a lot of other religious cults like Christianity, and the nation of Islam" as they call themselves, Ie Muslims , same goes for Jews as well praise god that something is said about this, this is a blasphemy this is blatant censorship of rights, gays need to be recognized as they are same if male or female, and should be allowed to choose who they marry , and practicing healthy habits and safe practices, there really is no “gay aids” aids and other practices have little or nothing to do with being gay or being lesbian or whatever… it is a VIRUS , one we need to deal with for sure but gays and deviant practices have nothing to d with aids.. it is also a state of mind… If we are well informed , and use our heads.. and practice
being of only the most positive thinking and doing in all things.. then aids will go away by itself we create aids … by the fear… the dissassociation from the truth all the churches of the world have fell away from the real ultimate truth… the true enemy is us and fear mongering and hate mongering the real hate crime is this.. connecting the dots where they don’t need connecting… like for instance in this text in they same paragraph they connect homosexuality with pedophiles and hate crimes and there is no real direct correlation , sure there are straight and gay people that are pedophiles , then should we create some new law stating that any kind of sex is evil and of sin??
if that was so, then the human race would cease to exist, and the fear that gays will take over the world is not founded or based in any fact at all
even if half the world were to become gay, which will never happen… we still would be making too many babies so are gays the real problem a threat to the human race?? I think not, we have survived , not for thousands of years as most of the worlds main religions suggest, but millions
and millions of years here on earth… and if fiction be true , perhaps the seeds of human life was in existence for several billions of years before earth came into existence, and we shall continue to exist as a race, well now several races, for billions of years to come, so long as we stay on they path of good, not as in christian, Muslim or Jewish or other good religions preach.. they preach mostly lies and part truth….
what do the preach? violence , war is okay, that even killing is justified if it is in god or Allahs name.. that in fact we can get away with anything…
as long as we don’t get caught, that we can strip rights away from groups of people , including the right to live.. or at least to live as you truly are and be accepted, or be killed or imprisoned just for being different, by different I mean just this: being a hermaphrodite, weather or not they truly exist is not for you, or anyone to decide , and sometimes I would say not even an expert… maybe we need to get better experts on truth and tight and wrong , because this is truly ridiculous, yes alien exist but try to bring that one up. and they try to discredit you or shut you up real quick .. saying that aliens don’t exist is just as rediculous as saying that aliens do exist, but case not closed.. we should always keep an open mind and freedom in our hearts, but what is being suggested here, this is not freedom, it only looks like freedom.. no this is freedom for pastures to continue bashing gays , lesbians and any form of being that these churchians and their officials don’t agree with but the end result is not freedom, only freedom for some to hurt others, even if only indirectly this is an OUTRAGE ! and what I would consider a blasphemy.
now pedophiles that’s an entirely different story, but this bill and that bill and all that is supported by these church – oriented people is a denial of rights that have No reason to be denied therefore all of this hubrish & rubbish, because that’s what it is should be immediately stopped
All Pedophiles are not gays just as .. okay get this all Gays are not Pedophiles , they have nothing to do with each other.. some gays if you were to call them that are only interested in other adult Gays and of the same sex.. so what do heterosexuals have to worry about, you all know who you are I guess the real problem is knowing who we are, and then to know that we are okay, we are what we are.. we are okay if we do okay..
there is room for tolerance, tolerance is easy, end all the church religions power to dictate how we are to live and co create our society, and put religion in the wings… certainly the church people or the Muslim people can continue to believe what they believe , and they should have the right to profess that whatever they believe is what they believe, but not if it is to degrade or devalue those who are not of the same view wherein the view does not involve anything that would cause harm to self or others… but to use any point of view as some sort of legal license to hurt in any ways those of differing point of view which does not involve hurt or harm to self or others , is committing not only a sin but a legal crime
they are breaking the law .. if they weren’t hurting them or upsetting them then it would be not a crime, but the fact that they are , … makes it a crime therefore all those who commit such crimes, ie causing actual harm either emotional psychological physical or mental based upon differing viewpoints that is a crime and therefor all those involved with this unspeakable atrocity must be punished according to the severity of the crime and the level or count value (i.e. number of people involved) .. considering the count value here … in my opinion there should not be any church or Iman of any kind as we see it now , they are like people who believe in ufo’s or aliens .. I think we should switch over our attention , to the possibility at least that there are things in this universe that we don’t fully understand , and let all this religion stuff fall to the wayside..
to put it bluntly a crime is only a crime if it is a crime that is if it is one causing hurt or emotional metal or physical pain for the sake or purpose of promoting ones cause or maintaining ones personal beliefs or by practicing what the believe. if someone believed that you should go out and jut kill people for instance, this is just one example this is what they believe, this is their “religion” as you would call it okay shall we protect that? no way right? this is exactly the same thing just the nature and degree of it is different, but still this is all a crime what they are doing is a crime and they should be punished, as indicated by law.. but perhaps not punished… but prevented from committing this crime. if we can stop this crime before it happens, if it did happen it would still be a crime.. so let us please stop all crime and stop this .. (my edited part is finished.. the rest is GARBAGE!! edited by John Robert Von Einem. continuing with the crime-church-garbage:

Any public prayer against the sin of homosexuality could be construed as “inciting violence” by easily offended listeners, especially if those prayers are offered “in Jesus name.” When I served our country as a former Navy Chaplain, for example, I was told in writing by Chief of Chaplains Rear-Admiral Louis Iasiello, that “any chaplain’s continued insistence on ending public prayers ‘in Jesus’ name’…could reasonably tend to denigrate those with different forms of faith.” His policy prohibiting prayers “in Jesus name” was enforced against me at court-martial, before it was later rescinded by Congress in 2006. But this year I’ve already been falsely accused of “inciting violence” because I quoted verbatim from Psalm 109 in my public prayers, (for which secular activist Mikey Weinstein literally requested an FBI investigation against me!) Just imagine more anti-Christian aggression by law enforcement officials AFTER this hate-crimes bill becomes law.
well that may have been unjustified but still that does not grant merit to the rest of this document…


IS PREACHING AGAINST SIN A HATE CRIME? edited answer: YES, if a crime of any sort is involved, ie people got hut as a result on either the physical, mental or emotional plane, the punishment should be scaled according to the severity and the nature of the harm same as always..
you can preach against harm , but to do so excessively I as for to obstruct one right to freedom of silence, ie of not to be preached to in presence in any way that constitutes a harassment or obstructions of ones life’s daily activities… it is obstruction of ones rights and freedom to live as they are, according to what they believe should gays then be able to preach gayness? or to profess the validity of they basic rights one has .. to be gay and expressed as such in a way or manner that can be accepted by the general public yes they should have that right also
let us separate the rights form the crimes here.. if either side obstructs the other then it might be a crime though I would not favor or side with the church
As a former Navy Chaplain who was punished (in writing, three times) for quoting the Bible in chapel during optionally-attended worship, I know exactly how they’ll come after us. The enemies of religious liberty will simply declare certain gospel phrases “hateful” and “offensive” like my commanding officer who punished me for quoting John 3:36 in chapel, and was supported by government lawyers for “protecting” easily offended listeners from the “offensive” gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) agrees with me, saying pastors, rabbis, or imams could be charged with encouraging or inducing a “hate crime” if they preach against homosexuality. “Every preacher of the gospel, unless you cut out parts of it; every imam who mentions anything with regard to sexual immorality — they could be pursued, and in other countries they have been,” says Gohmert. (Congressmen Gohmert is my personal advocate, with whom I preached last year at a pro-faith rally in Texas…and we both agree the gospel of freedom from sin really is “love speech” not “hate speech.”)


Hate crimes laws protecting homosexuals from criticism are already silencing pastors in Norway, where these dangerous laws specifically empower law enforcement officials to prosecute “intimidation” of homosexuals. For example, Congressman Gohmert warned “I was talking to a guy from Norway who was telling me that people are even afraid to say Mary was a virgin, because just bringing up sexuality at all can raise problems with law enforcement.”
the problem here is we have too many old outdated laws of sexual repression that need to be thrown out, whist some must stay firm, like pedophilia, and certain, but not all forms of child pornography .. this is a shady area.. depends on the circumstances,
depiction of naked children not for the viewing or encouragement of pedophilia, but for artistic merit or archival use, not to be made available to those who would be seeking children for sex as in pedophilia.. this one is debatable I think it is mainly the pedophilia that is the crime, not the naked pictures of the children.. so we should base this on situation and reasons ie intent and such… locations degree of separation etc,,
and many other things have to be considered… but mostly weather this depiction has led directly to something that causes harm , such as pedophilia.. but in of itself is not a crime, it is the pedophilia and or the intent to promoted or cause pedophilia, without intent to cause pedophilia, or harm then if harm is caused then it could be criminal negligence and the offender person or persons should be made to remove all of the source of such harm ie the pictures and make amends to undo such harm as the harm was caused by the one who is was the harmer


FREE SPEECH CRIMINALIZED IN SWEDEN (okay then let gays , lesbians Hermaphrodites , aliens robots and others also have the right to free speech, by SHUTTING UP for a WHILE once in a while!! thank you.)
your excessive hate crime spam will not be tolerated any more.

In Sweden, Pastor Aka Green received a one-month jail sentence last year under a Swedish “hate crimes” law that forbids criticism of those who participate in homosexual behavior. The Goeta Appeals Court later overturned the decision. The government demanded the pastor be punished by appealing the case to the Swedish Supreme Court, which ruled the law unconstitutional. Yet here in America, the Reid-Kennedy-Obama trio is pushing to pass and enforce this same type of “anti-free speech” law, despite their acknowledgment that any such enforcement would be unconstitutional in America too. (They why pass the bill in the first place?)

FREE SPEECH CRIMINALIZED IN CANADA yes , strange isn’t it funny how free speech is being criminalized everywhere? well no not when we who are what we are cannot talk openly and freely about the this that we are..
I think it is like they are saying, it’s okay , if we throw stones at you gays and lesbians, because what you are doing is sin , not because it is sin mind you, but because WE say it is sin, therefore we can throw stones at you , but you cannot throw stones back.. Hmmm? A bit unbalanced wouldn’t you say?
maybe from now on noone should say anything about anything.. from now on.

In Canada, where “hate crimes” laws already passed, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal actively forbid evangelical pastor Stephen Boisson from expressing his moral opposition to homosexuality. The tribunal also ordered Boisson to pay $5,000 “damages for pain and suffering” and apologize to the “human rights” activist who filed the complaint. His crime? In 2002, the pastor wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper in which he denounced the homosexual agenda as “wicked” and stated that: “Children as young as five and six years of age are being subjected to psychologically and physiologically damaging pro-homosexual literature and guidance in the public school system; all under the fraudulent guise of equal rights.” The Canadian government tribunal ordered the Christian pastor to “cease publishing in newspapers, by email, on the radio, in public speeches, or on the internet, in future, disparaging remarks about gays and homosexuals.” (This “re-education commission” reminds me of Big Brother from Orwell’s 1984.)

yeah and don’t you think they also arrested several people for freely expressing their right to be naked in public or
to otherwise be free in other way like expressing that they are gay or lesbian, and next thing they know they are hacked they have their identity stolen they lose their job their wife their kids and everything..?? yeah can’t happen in America?
we should be protecting peoples right to be free not Christians rights to be Christian , because if we focused on protecting Peoples rights to be free, then aren’t CHRISTIANS also covered under this as well?

Can’t happen in America? It already has. In 2004 my friend Michael Marcavage was arrested along with ten other Christians (including two elderly grandmothers), and charged with violating Pennsylvania’s “hate crimes” laws, because they carried signs conveying God’s love at a Gay Pride rally. One member of “The Philadelphia Eleven,” Arlene Elshinnawy, 75 year-old grandmother of three, was holding a sign: “Truth is hate to those who hate the truth,” before she was hauled off to jail by police officers. They were literally threatened with 50 years in jail for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a public sidewalk, because it offended gays. That hate crimes law was so outrageous it was later found unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, but now Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama want to pass essentially that same discredited law nationwide.

Thank you for reading our lengthy analysis. If you’ve read this far, we must agree, so now please forward this content widely to other pro-faith friends, and to pastors in all 50 states.
And thank you for reading my even more lengthy rebuttal & analysis , heck they even said it! this whole thing seems Quite ANAL to me ANAL Y SIS get it? HA ha ha! learn to laugh a little you pastors , and maybe that will help your insanity go away, little by little , yes there may be hope for us all yet.. if you can listen to reason , and not madness..
if I seem a bit mad sometimes it is because I am sometimes infected with a bit of their madness, But I always try and find something to cure myself of this madness, as best as I know how..

all these three statements about free speech being criminalized maybe so but also this is an unfair and biased view same as freedom of speech for pastures and Immams etc, but not for everyone else? and freedom of speech for pastors so they can infringe on other peoples rights.. check their rhetoric here…
God Bless you, in Jesus’ name,
and thank you in the name of the Atom , for without which we would not, could not exist..
and that has nothing to do with god or Adam and eve or religions… think Just a Proton , maybe with some Neutrons
and some other strange sub , and sub sub Atomic particles and wave-icles , and a nice shield of electrons , or sometimes
in the case of a certain type of Hydrogen , just One electron.. and these church leaders and imams etc are like that one electron, they feel so all alone and they are scared, so they do all this in desperation.
No need to Despair, the Atom is here to protect you and maintain they existence, perhaps they should keep all such dissidents and extremists as such away from all other people , so they can do the rest of us little harm..
for the minority, it should be the majority, if they are good sane people , I take their word over some foaming at the mouth raving church pastor any day of the week.

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt
For media interviews, or to invite “Chaps” to
speak to your church or crowd, select here.
P.S. Time is urgent! The conferees could vote any time between now and September to strip the Brownback Amendment, or de-fund the F-22 fighter jets. Select and sign today, & we will forward your name immediately. Please don’t wait another minute. Life, Liberty, and Jesus are too important to be banned by Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, and Barack Obama.
de fund the f-22 jets most definitely i mean how many f22’s do we already have? LOTS. how many were lost? not too many?
we had too many to begin with and we still have to many, we should lose them all except save for a hlf a dozen to a dozen at most, and perhaps find a mor peaceful way to use them if we can..

Disclaimer: The views of Chaplain Klingenschmitt, who was honorably but involuntarily discharged from the Navy in 2007 after facing court-martial for praying “in Jesus name” in uniform, (but was later vindicated by Congress), are his own personal views, not the views of any political party, government, or organization.

well maybe he deserved it? I dont know what the situation was there

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Freedom of speech for church officials? what about fair and equal freedom of speech and from speech for everyone?


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