Adobe Lightroom

I have just recently started using Adobe Lightroom in conjunction with going RAW with my photos. It was something i had always wanted to try as soon as i got my DSLR but i was always put off by the fact i didn’t know enough about it and it was always too expensive to get a decent RAW editor/developer just to try.

Then, i finally got round to downloading a trial of Lightroom. I’ve always been an Adobe convert since i used Photoshop 4 for work about 7/8 years ago and thought if there was one RAW editor woth trying this was it. First impressions were it was complicated, it didn’t look like anything i’d ever used before. But, after a few runs through the workflow i warmed up to it.

I now am the proud of owner of a full version of Adobe Lightroom and am loving it! It feels tailor made for someone like me who is either too stupid or too lazy know how to use the settings on his camera better and can’t afford paying for training courses to learn these things in case the course doesn’t suit me. I find that i am able rescue almost any bodged up photo in Lightroom and i think the notion and execution of the non-destructive developing system is nothing short of genuis.

No, i don’t work for Adobe by the way, i’m just a very happy customer but if anyone from Adobe is reading this and would like to reward me for my PR skills a copy of CS3 would go down very nicely :D

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