Ever Feel Out of Your Depth?

So i’ve been using Red Bubble for about a week now, regularly logging in and having a browse around and have uploaded some of my stuff too.

It was only today when i received an email with a job opportunity at Red Bubble that was based in Melbourne Australia that i realised that that’s where this site originates. And that’s why many of it’s users are out taking the most amazing photos of glorious sunsets and breath-taking landscapes.

Which leave me thinking, ‘how am i ever going to take pictures that match up to these guys?’. I live in the UK, in a small town about 50 miles north of London, we have little to no interesting or amazing scenery, a few hills and fields upon fields of crops. I feel cheated that just as i’ve started to invest in some better equipment (Nikon D40 – i know it’s hardly top of the range but i’m on a budget) and have found this wonderful outlet for my stuff (RedBubble) i’ve come to realise that i don’t have any locales to inspire me, damn you Hertfordshire!!!

I know there’s more to photography than landscape but when i see the amazing stuff on here it makes me want to emulate it, but i feel i can’t when the most interesting landscape near me is the bloody golf course. sigh

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