Stephen J Dowdell

Dorking, United Kingdom

I am passionate about photography, I put my heart and soul into my work, so I hope you enjoy it! I thank you for looking! I enjoy...

Pacem in Terris

I grew up in Surrey UK.

I was in the Royal Navy for nine years . After leaving the Navy I worked as a chef for six years. However, I wanted to work outdoors and in the countryside I spent his childhood roaming; so I retrained as a tree surgeon and spent the next eleven years doing this. It was while doing this that I first developed an interest in photography.

I would have been happy working as a tree surgeon until retirement, but in 2005 I was diagnosed with cancer. It was while undergoing treatment for cancer that I suffered a stroke. (cerebrovascular accident (CVA+aphasia+dysarthria+memory deficits (involvement of temporal lobe)

After discharge from hospital I began walking with my Spaniel ‘Oscar’ in the countryside around my home; and began taking a few pictures of the landscapes, plants and creatures my encountered. This interest grew and I now takes several thousand photos a month!

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