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Hi brothers and sisters. My birth name is Kenny Irwin, Jr. I am a multifaceted artist living in Palm Springs in which I work in many different mediums of art including the famous one man art and light display of millions of lights during November, December and January. Art mediums include Bic ball point pen drawings, giant robot sculptures, extraterrestrial space art, art installations outdoor and indoor environments plus many numerous other mediums mostly experimental with some science involved.

Philosophy behind my artwork*****************

Ever since I was very little I have relentlessly dreamed of the cosmos day and night in all of it’s possibilities and wondered who or what kind of amazing civilizations might be looking back at us from the stars. I have also have a love for ancient civilizations of all kinds, history, astronomy and science. I dream of distant places and worlds out there and a universe that is infinite teaming with life of all sorts just not on Earth but sprinkled on countless worlds across the vast reaches of space. This is fused with my love of eastern cultures including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Gulf states for which the Pakistani Starfleet Series of artworks is imagined, a fun and unique sci-fi series I have created from digitally composited artworks to some hand drawn artworks. I am also a creator of found art sculpture, installation art, bic ball point pen art, innovative explorative art forms, painting and so much more more. I believe in a world of eastern and western ideas cross pollenating each other, thoughts, ideas and exchange of education strengthening and enbracing our different cultures of this planet with more to offer to what we have achieved to whom ever our distantly located brothers and sisters may be in the far reaches of space we will probably meet someday. I love eastern cultures and also have love and great interest in all cultures ancient and wondrous and beautiful in everyway that I feel must be preserved, cherished, protected and encouraged to succeed. In my art I also like to blend the old and high tech along with the traditional and advanced ideas in a unique way. Imagine a world of highly advanced eastern and western civilization coexisting with everything to offer each other? I believe all societies can advance together, both the west and the east. Really, two hemispheres, but one world united. My work delves into all kinds of subjects in an ever unfolding universe as humanity continues to discover, learn and explore with our ultimate goals to explore, expand and colonize space amongst the many planets in our own solar system, and the many exoplanets that are out there. It is what we don’t know yet in our curiosities that compels us to have reached this point of civilization in a truly exciting way by what we already do know from what we have learned from the past and what we look forward to discovering in the future. We live in great and exciting times.

I imagine a future world that is exciting where the whole of human civilization doing what they do best by their natural curiosity to explore, make scientific breakthroughs and expand out into the cosmos exploring the great expanses of our galaxy so we are not left with a fate to be stifled by our own finite limitations of this planet, but to grow outwardly and perhaps beyond the lifetime of our own star system billions of years into the future giving birth to millions of new cultures and civilizations on other worlds.

*****************A Brief Glimpse Of My Numerous Interests*****************

Besides art I have numerous interests. I find the world such a beautiful and wondrous place we live in including the mysterious cosmos in which our world resides in we someday will explore. Space exploration, minerals, crystals, hiking, watersking, fossils, video games, science, computers, insects and plants, are just to name a few things that I collect and have passions in. The gift of life granted to each of his allows us endless opportunities to explore and learn in everyday we are granted. There is nothing like what Bollywood and Lollywood produces in Movies. Bollywood is the largest producers of films in the world number 1000 films a year compared to Hollywood. Bollywood films are generally produced in Bombay, India but generally filmed at locations almost anywhere you can imagine. Fans of Bollywood number almost 45% of the world’s population in Asia, middle east and north Africa as well parts of Europe. Lagaan and Koi…Mil Gaya is probably my favorite movies and Monsoon Wedding was another very nice one. What makes Bollywood so great is the amazing spectacles of song and dance in almost every film with such wonderful passions of love. Also Lollywood films are produced in Lahore, Pakistan and are oftenly equally spectacular as well. Some of my most favorite western films from Hollywood would be Independence Day [ID4], War of the Worlds 1953, King Kong 2005, Killer Clowns from Outerspace, Star trek, Stargate and Star Wars. Television Bollywood plays a great role in what I watch on TV. There are many great series and my favorite channel would be MTV Punjabi. All great Punjabi hits which you can get on Dish Network. There are many Arabic music videos I love to watch as well. Alot shows I also enjoy would include such favorites as the two Stargate shows, Star Trek and educational channels that include History, Learning and National Geographic channels. I love Cartoon Newtwork too. I listen to a variety of Arabic, middle eastern and Indo-Pak music both classical and pop as well as western and European classical music. Some other favorites include Punjabi, Bhangra and Rai. Ofcorse most of all I prefer live bellydancers with live music as well live music accompanied by live dance and celebration.

Explore Underwater Worlds with your Pakistani Starfleet Admiral at the helm of the new Pakistani Interstellar Submarine Patrol Division! Your host Perfectlymadebirds will take you on deep sea voyages like you have never seen before. Explore the oceans of the future off the coast of Karachi where the giant legendary Cru’stastu’uns serpents nest below 5,800 fathoms brought here by the Kelldathuu Species of the 27th century to the high mountainous lakes of the north in extravagant underwater voyages to the deep reaches of the sea worldwide and worlds beyond.

  • Age: 44
  • Joined: March 2008
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