well here goes

this is my first foray into the blogging community thingy, and thought I should at least say something rather than just being a voyeur. i don’t know much about redbubble, just found the site earlier today, but I figure it’s all virtual and there’s nothing wrong with that.
A bit about me… hmmm. What to say. Having a bad hair day. Was up at four am this morning (and no I wasn’t jogging or doing anyhting strange like that… was waiting in line for last minute locals tix for the Blues and Roots Fest in Byron) and am feeling a little the worse for wear now. Possible more importantly, (or maybe just more permanently) I like to write. Am in the finishing stages of a PhD which has dragged on and on and on. I’ve worked at Southern Cross Uni in Lismore for seven years as a tutor in the creative writing department (how time flies. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s still true), and I write poetry, prose, microfiction and life-writing. I also love over-using parentheses and ellipses. I also love the word also, and the word just. These are a few of my bad linguistic habits. i hate washing up but I love to cook (doesn’t everyone? No one ever wants to wash up. But then again, I’m a little suspicious about people who actually like to wash up. I don’t understand it. I long to meet people who do, but I’m instantly irritated by them. It’s a cruel world.) I used to like gardening, but then I gave up on it. It’s a bit sad. my lawn hates me.

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