sniffle sniffle cough cough

I’m sick. Not in the serious sense… and not in the perverted sense. Sick in the just enough to whinge about it in a vociferous manner sense. hear me oh world? I’m sick and I’m sick of it already. So what am i doing, tapping away at the eternal infernal terminal? well may you ask. Even i don’t know. I’;ve lost all sense, along with my glasses (No, that would imply i had sense to begin with)… okay, there’s no excuse. you’ve sucked me in again, rb. Do you think i have time to check out great art/writing while there’s crappy television to be watched? Do you? (okay, obviously i do, but it still seems debateable, and since there’s no one here to challenge me, I’m going to win this one hands down). Ahhh… cough cough splutter. On the up side I’ve been sneezing a lot, which is kind of fun. Multiple sneezes… are you jealous? It has been a bit exciting. And a sneeze makes me laugh, much more than a cough (i have a sick/weird sense of humour). Where did I pick up this malady? At the Blues Fest… Ahhh, I hear you say. You dare to complain, when this obviously self-inflicted illness has struck you down in your very prime… That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it? Go on, admit it! Well… yes. I do dare. Do you challenge me to a duel? Who me? Yes, you sir? Who sir? You sir? Well fie! (and yes, that’s fie, not fine. In fact i like fie. It makes me happy). Okay, i’ve clearly lost my mind, as well as my hearing and my glasses. Who wants to bring me chicken soup?

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