damn... lost my glasses

Are there any other vision impaired people out there? If so you will understand my current agony (okay, could be too harsh of a word… maybe embarrassment? discomfort? irritation? whatever, fill in the blanks yourself, hey) Anyway, back to the point at hand… I have LOST my glasses!!! it’s a tragedy. a real tragedy, kinda like romeo and juliet without the good bits. I’m sitting at work in front of my computer in a pair of sunglasses. i look like a pimp (without the style or the money… it’s a whole list of negatives today). I’m so angry (sigh)… so so angry! And driving at night in a pair of sunglasses is just plain dangerous.. looking foolish is one thing, but manslaughter is another. i don’t want to run someone over, but what can I do? Now I’m gonna have to pay 400 bucks just to be able to see again… stupid expensive (grumble grumble moan) world.
On the other hand, at least lost them having a good time… did anyone else go to V (again, stupid consumerist culture richard branson mobile phone corporate swine grumble grumble) and see the Pixies?? It was worth it… but I’m still a little bit furious. Anyway, just thought I’d vent a little. Sorry for all the negative energy… in with anger, out with love. Whatever. Hope your day is as perfect as your vision.

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