who cares

Not real sure what this is supose to be for but here goes. Just gonna write about what is going on with me and mine and use it for that I guess. Read or Dont read, who cares.

What I have learned of late is that nothing in life is for sure. When you start to feel safe and secure, when you feel as if life is as it should be, something comes along to let you know that at any moment, for no reason what so ever, it can all change.

Angry, frustrated, and left wondering ……………….why???

I dont want to trust. I dont want to dream. I dont want to hope. I dont want to imagine what could be. I dont want to.

Sleep…….what a sweet word. What does it mean? Not being awake. Not feeling pain. Not feeling anything. Dreams get jumbled with what I am afraid will happen, with what has happened, what might happen, and scare me to the point that I do not want to sleep. Unless it is a sleep that I do not wake up from. Sweet Sleep.

Joy. What is joy? Is it a farce. Just a word that keeps you hoping, searching, longing, but never getting.

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