writing through heart

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elevate by Doreen Connors

new view

we can never see eye to eye… / unless I look through your heart

In Life [non-musing]

Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 11:51 AM / the key / is the shift from identifying with the person-hood (the labels we attach to all our endeavo…

O! come passion in heart

it is through loving / …Our differences / We meet every Being on the ground of caring / Truly

totally new, totally now

describing: ‘being in the now’ / via words / ‘paradox’ comes to mind / in two senses… / both the use of words…

natural girl

we are surrounded by Nature, Our Caregiver, as a reflection of the Great Mother… / Is now / …germinating within every heart / …

baby steps

a very simple thing to realize / to visualize, being the baby, without egoic identification / Just realize this / … take each step, r…

wHAt’z goin ON?

unIn spY-red / NOT bo/RED…to t e a r s / just eating / my fruits and vegetables

without title

patience without the waiting / stillness within every movement / absence of positivity or negativity / no hurry, no haste, no hesitation / …


~ ~ / \O/ / an emotion is a feeling with an “I” attached to it / a judgment is a thought with a “You” attached to …

Love Sense

(I dove into it as deeply as possible) / And Love dives In to me… / cos / Love is what We Are made of (like star dust)

[a] love divine

the longing and its fulfillment expressed in this infinite moment / from the bottomless depth of the heart / heart without chambers and wal…

+your- essential Child

Children re-Heart Us of Who We Truly Are… / any child …an outer one/ / as well as: Our Inner One

perfectly clear

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself / as You Are liberation / You remember this / .. / All th…

for me it is about allowing the rules to let go of -me-

musing about the ‘virgin’ Mary

The true ‘idea’ of virgin is: / Innocence/Love… in the sense that everything we Are and do in our lives is born of innoce…

True Love

the mind begins to merge with the heart / they become the heartmind / Heart is loving to the mind / mind dissolves in Heart’s embrace

now is… simply… pure poetry


one woman

i imagine today if more women’s hearts had been expressed (or viewed) in the past, through their art…imagine the centuries tha…

Great Full

It is “good” to know that feelings come, on their own / And, they too, are transformed in the Now / Love/Life is thus “in…

A Real Childhood forever

Every single one of Us / has had the experience of living Inside the Mother / Her cells created Our cells / Miraculously, We become separat…

our uni-verse

as Your roots / travel / ever deeper / In Ground / Your branches… / reach / for the stars / In Sky / that You breathe through

this moment in me is a deep fleeting sadness…no more words / the sense that no other person on earth will ever see in the exact same …

nothing better than now

amorous desire comes… un-done / ….falls away / ecstatic quiet solitude / magically appears / In / [place / of a loneliness] / …

unconditioned Love

if she can’t see herself as the essence of being that / She Is / then, / You recognize Her


Everyone travels here without a map / Our Inner compass directs us to the New Earth / located in the field of Now


feelings re-surface / no…, feelings go deeper / it is safe, now, in expression / fully what has all/ways / all ready / being spoken /…

playing by h(e{ar)t}

Our true H\om/e\ Is / ~ In Our Heart~ / [W]Here Ever We Are


the truth of Our connection / happens / core to core / …beyond our sight + senses

child of mine

When I was a child I felt feelings deeply / I don’t feel that people, in general, understand this / …about children / That, the…

undefining moment


overflowing cup

something that feels like sadness…yet is sweet / beautyfull


Your heart is but a beat in the Great Heart…that completely fills It


is Your moment better than Mine?

back to basics

scisab ot kcab / re-arrange the letters / the meaning is the same / “allow this moment to be” / be / to / moment / this / allow

what is enough?

it is enough to just be

who we are

When I allow peace to be who I am / When I, without any condition, accept who I am / just this / Then / peace manifests in what We ‘d…


longing is transformed to deepening / emptiness grows and expands / It reaches places where only miracles reside / there is no opposite to …

free from thought

every thought that passes through the mind is a figment of imagination / imagine it all disintegrating in space / free of all concepts / in…


Sometimes it feels like ‘we don’t have enough time’ / And what I mean by that… / Purely This / In Sacred harmonious…

the InSpir(it)ation that Flows Through

X / …as the Valley ‘continues’ to Open… / Valley merges with Mountain / ___________________________________________…

the peace of mind

The only way to share the peace is to be it / And when one is It, then there is Peace Full-ness / there is no trying involved; only, ‘…


remove all self-definitions / … We Are Equal … / I / -dentical

heart to heart

It is not possible / to write the words / …the language / that the Heart speaks

essential rev/elation

Becoming Aware / Of What Is / In Our Heart / already merged

sweet reality

what once was a dream / Is Now, reality / what seemed to be reality / Is Now…only a dream

be free now

go for: one day without {_absolutely_} any judgments / “good or bad” / And watch the world change / find-ing the freedom that Y…

Living through Heart

I no longer live a day-to-day; ‘business-as-usual’ existence / I sense, that it may look strange to other people, though I infr…

having It All

Physical reality… is something… almost… that we have ‘to contend’ with… or leave it be… rather…

right now

We have no time left and / infinity


Copper dragonfly / resting In Our Heart’s Valley / dry Your precious wings

As Life Is

the strings from Our Heart / Pull Us_ _ _ _ / All _along ____________


You have an Inner Child and Inner Mother….both! / See/Feel them Embrace


stream of consciousness plays / knowing that judgments aren’t real / why keep up the illusion through common / combinations of words


underNeath… It All / Is You / In Truth / the You / You’ve been looking for / All a-long


All judgments, comments, opinions… / contain a -(negative) or +(positive) charge / Apply the = principle, Instead / …Equanimity…

this Is It

Arguing with What Is / never changes It; / Stop arguing with What Is / changes everything


Imagine that All the thoughts You thought in the past…. disappear / Imagine that You cannot possibly imagine what the next moment bri…

In the body

We know so much more with / Our bodies than We give Our bodies credit for / moving Us In to Awareness / Beyond what We call “mindR…

un-skirting the issue

I sense it is perfectly OK / to change language / to a dress, my sense of Life / without limits


don’t think about it / You Are so far beyond thoughts


nothing comes to mind / the truth of equality / has nothing to do / with Our thoughts


the body seems to know what it is doing / there is nothing in my body / that cares to care about self-care

truth is point-less

not seeing a point / has no meaning / for existence / ItSelf

not saying

When You convince YourSelf / You, then, Are convincing someOne / And the One needs NO convincing / …not a speck!


Freedom is recognized… / uncovered / Never gained or lost

full Life:

Nothingness Is / {something}-ness / In the Heart

Seeing no point

At All / on the edge of the sky / there are no words

without title

Even the effortless endeavor / falls away / Away / gone / completely gone now / Back to the ocean / re-turning to the center of the grain o…


patience without the waiting / stillness withIn every movement / absence of positivity or negativity / no hurry, no haste, no hesitation / …

Perfectly Clear

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself / If You want liberation / You remember this / … / …


In Truth / there are colors in the sky / that Open the Heart lens / of Love….Life!!


The truth of the matter is this: / You Are the center of the Universe / And this has nothing to do with / being self-centered

on the road

is where / I passed by / my true nature / in scattered skies / a myriad hues / beyond the edge of / the road
inherent poetry by Doreen Connors

Re-lease ‘22’ Real-"I"s

A vital component for intuitive understanding: Freedom rings out / for Our attention, / …that loosens deeply buried pain; / Adding A…

Inherent poetry

It is possible to bring the lyrics / that reside In Your Heart / to the surface of Life / And be immersed In It / where Ever You Are / R…

We Are

the sky that surrounds Us


Everything is not “coming up roses” in the end / You Are the Rose, already / Blooming


imagining the future that never comes / imagining what your life might have been like / imagination never relates to reality / imagination …

1st flower-ing

A higher dimensional being / that we can’t see / though, ’could enjoy / the flower…
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