(moved from Writing) The Seriously Hot Comp winners announced!

Hello all!

It’s great fun to be making my first post on Red Bubble in order to announce the winners in Melinda Kerr’s this is a seriously hot competition. I’m Don Norris and one of my day jobs is to edit Photo Review Australia magazine.

Each issue of our quarterly magazine includes at least 18 pages of photography, so I’m always on the look out for great work. I don’t care if pictures are taken with a view camera and produced with the tintype process, or snapped with the latest you-beaut DSLR; if the images are strong, that’s all that matters.

I’m also fascinated by the world of online communities such as Red Bubble. In fact, my other really big hat webmaster for a community site aimed at surfers. We have a pretty active set of forums over there and so it’s been particularly interesting to dip into the world of Red Bubble and compare the two.

But I digress!

The response to the contest absolutely blew me away. It really created a kind of online photography salon. Straight away a real newbie like me could get a feeling for the diversity of photographic work going on amongst Red Bubblers.

Judging was extremely difficult because the general standard was quite high. I had to be pretty ruthless just to narrow the field down to the final five. And, so, without further ado…

First runner-up is Darren Sharp for his simply stunning birth portrait of his son Jack

Second runner-up is Doug Thost for his quietly beautiful study of a ghost gum in the Macdonnell Ranges

Third runner-up is Paul Louis Villani’s wonderful rushing image, The Departure

Fourth runner-up is Rhana Griffin’s strangely moody You Shall Not Pass

Each runner-up should shoot me their postal details so that we can organise a subscription to Photo Review.

And now… the envelope please…

Our winner is Mark Higgins for his knock out use of colour and dynamic composition in Brisk

Mark, you’ll be hearing from me shortly to discuss the interview and spread in Photo Review.

Many thanks again to all who participated. I hope the admins will save the contest thread somewhere, or better, devise a gallery of all the contributions.

Go well one and all!


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