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Death of a D800

On a recent trip down to bangalley headland near Avalon on Sydney’s Northern beaches,i had a little accident
Shooting early on saturday morning i was purched on a big flat rock, above the rock shelf taking some shots of the run off ,through one of the gullys there, i decided to change lenses to the Zeiss planner 85mm ZF2 T, i put the camera and lens on the tripod without the pano head,bent down to get the remote shutter release, and yep you guessed it as i stood up i bumped the tripod and she went crashing over.
The camera came loose from the tripod (not sure how,maybe not attached properly after the lens change)
The whole rig went crash onto the rock i was standing on , the cameras came loose and bounced into the rock shelf below, within minutes the camera was washed away and gone by the waves rushing in over the shelf.
.After reading Peter Hills story from laura, i thought at last someone is more clumsy than me, not so , i am gutted by the loss, but am hopeful the insurance will come good for me.
Only problem will be getting another D800.
cheers don

Update on my D800.
MY insurance has come through for me without any hassles PPIB brokers at
Im very happy with there service and hassle free claims.
ALl my gear will be replaced by Michaels in Melbourne and they have told me the wait for a D800 should not be too long
Good to know thats some insurance companies are good to deal with.
Insurance underwritten by Lumleys

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