Jack of all trades...Master of One

I am the soil, the plant, the gardener,
the grass, the mower, the landscaper
the cement, the brick, the mason
the mortar, the grout, the tile
the sandpaper, the stain, the wood
the wall, the brush, the painter
the torch, the copper, the plumber
the chemicals, the pump, the pool
the thread, the material, the seamstress
the water, the detergent, the washer
the clothes, the softner, the dryer
the sand, the tumbleweeds, the vacuum
the spill, the floor, the mop
the sales, the coupons, the shopper
the food, the oven, the cook
the scraps, the plate, the dishwasher
the grandkid, the kids, the mother
the aunt, the sister, the daughter
the unconditional, the heartfelt, the friend
the lover, the mate, the wife
the paper, the pen, the ink
the beholder, the camera, the creator
I AM THE TIRED! (yes thats the one…lol)
Have a Great Day! Donna :)

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