About 2 months have gone by...

and while i am still very addicted I am also learning quite a bit here.
For instance I have finally learned how to submit t-shirts (after banging my head on the wall for weeks) which is very cool…thanks to some helpful articles written and supplied by gregory. Also I have had 1 photograph (Gaia"s Legacy) nominated twice for avatar pic in the “Stillness Speaks” group & the “California Sound” group (check these groups out there is some beautiful works to be seen) even though I did not win I am very proud of the fact that my work was even chosen to be voted on. Just recently I was totally shocked when my photograph “Stunning Scape” was picked for avatar of the “Birds Eye View” group (there are some truly stunning works in this group) Thanks so much Gijs :)
Okay about groups: I think I am learning…
They seem to be evolving as time goes on, new rules, added rules no rules…i seem to be having a problem keeping up & remembering who’s rules are whose…so i think i am going to unjoin some, rejoin some, unsubmit certain works & resubmit where they best fit…sort out which groups my work best fits the criteria for, I guess it is time to regroup!
oh yeah one more thing… I did find this really cool group that alot of my work does fit into “Lyrical Visions” it is art and words grouped together there are some very cool works in this group, please stop by & check them out…alrighty then, i think I have rambled enough. Please feel free to leave comments on any of the above mentioned subjects…I do find that community feedback is one of the best learning tools.
Everyone have a great day & don’t forget …
Smile :) it improves your face value!
Donna :)

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