To take a life

I use to think the choice was mines ,like i could do with my body as i pleased

i used to think that way until i fell upon my knees,
and had a little talk with my father
it was the hardest choice i ever had to make
will i keep this baby or his or her life will i take rape ,that was the case
what would you do for a moment put yourself in my shoes not knowing the father, not knowing could i look into the babies face without always pleading my case .
when it came down to the wire i heard the heartbeat for the first time , how can i kill something that was mines , as the beat started to slow the desire to have a kid went away to,
then i remember my father and what he said
" i knew you before you were formed in the womb for that child i have a purpose too
what if your mother did away with you , the time at hand may seem hard but please my child dont kill a part of me nor a part of you
trying to avoid the voice in my head i yell
" WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO HE RAPED ME I DONT WANT A CHILD IM NOT READY THAT WOULD END MY LIFE I ALWAYS SAID I DONT BELIEVE IN ABORTION BUT THIS CASE IS DIFFRENT "well all i can say is i didnt know what to do but my savior did because today my daughter is turnig two.

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