this is me, circling the milky globes

A graphic artist is what I am. A stupefied lapdog to the evil commercial world that sells you shinier and sexier versions of things you already have. The worst part of it is I quite enjoy it. I studied graphic art and history of art at university, certainly on the days I attended. I also studied music, socialising, fondling and leaving the remains of coffee for scientific research although no sheets of paper exist to prove my exact qualifications in these areas. Oh yeah, I was born in England and grew up following my parents to other bits of europe because my father insisting on earning his living this way, thus forcing me to be re-educated over and over in different languages until by the age of just nine, I was a continental wreck. After qualifying as a graphic artist (failure wasn’t on the uni curriculum, it just doesn’t advertise their capabilities very well), I worked in public relations (that’s basically telling big big lies, but really well), before eventually I set up an agency in central england. Company became successful, lots of clients, profits, awards, staff, overheads, thinking up new exciting christmas parties etc to the point where I got’ sucked into business plans and talking to finance directors. Got fed up, sold my shares, re-set up on my own etc. etc. Then also set up Liquid Art which is my art, by me for me and shared with only lovely people who share my taste and interests. The rest of me is made up of a love for music, adoring my wife and kids, doting on my black labrador (Teddy), walking, climbing, playing sports (though not golf), traveling (it never leaves you), photography, messing up with paints, films starting with the Coen brothers, art galleries (I like people watching). I quite like getting drunk when there’s no cause to celebrate or excuse for being so and I am prepared to admit that I went to a party dressed as a woman and felt invigorated. That’s it, so far, circling the milky globes.

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