getting a new perspective

Well it seems that i am a total wimp when it comes to being ill!I mean i knew that already because the girlfriend is forever reminding me of this, but after a flick through the hallowed pages of Redbubble and a read of other peoples troubles i feel remarkably well!!
These memos of illness and sadness just go to remind me of how short life really is or can be.We are only here for a short time ,but in that time what is it that we truely set out to achieve?For some these moments have begun to bear the fruits of their labours and for them i feel so much happiness.I dont mean those people who just seem to have a natural talent i mean those that have to work damn hard for everythig even in the face of imeasurable pain.
From now on i refuse to sit back and just be a number on a clock card.These wonderful people have given me a new perspective on my own life.All power to them for being stronger than i.
Thought for today:dont just sit there…only you can make your visions real.

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