Just ranting


sorry I haven’t been around

So here’s the play by play on life

Well 5 weeks or so until Kara Rose is about due
And I am just freaking the fuck out
I’m mean and Ive been crying
I just don’t know
It’s 80 degrees ferenheit and it feels like 200
Kara has took refuge under my rib
And I’m so happy just so you know
I can’t wait to see her gorgeous little face
Her hands and all
Right now some bitch is playing some god awful music beside our car
So of course I blast tool sober which is an amazing song
“I will find the center in you
I will chew it up and leave”
Just fucking amazing
Matt is doing great he is definatly my hero
If he is scared he sure doesn’t show it as bad as me
Oh my daughter only listens to good music LOL
I’ve been real mean to everyone
And I just want people to stop fussing I can definatly still wipe off the sink
And clean up coffee at meetings I ( I’m not dumb)

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