Our dog died yesterday...

Our dear dog, Summer, who has been with our family for 13 years passed away in her sleep yesterday afternoon. We knew at her age that every day was a bonus with her and we prayed that when it was her time to go, that we would not be faced with a difficult decision about weather to ‘help’ her or determine an end for her suffering. On Monday it was a holiday (Martin Luther King day) and the kids had no school. She played outside with them, chasing the snowmobile and tagging along as best she could on her wobbly, arthritic legs. In the evening we thought she seemed a little sluggish. Tuesday afternoon I came home at 1pm to find her lying in the driveway like she always does waiting for us to come home and she was gone. Our other dog is taking it pretty hard. He is 3 years old and has been whimpering and melancholy. This morning we had an ice storm and school was called off again. I was grateful for the kids to have the day at home to be with our other dog and to nurture their own hurt. I was surprised that even my ‘grown up’ boys shed tears for her passing. No matter how much you expect it, losing our canine friends is incredibly hard!

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