Happy Happenings :0)

Its that time again — to celebrate the small acheivements with some BIG thanks!

I’m so pleased to have had my works featured in the following groups this past month:

“My Father’s Heart” was featured in All out Emotion

“Face to Face” was featured in Love, Love, Love and in All Soft and Cuddlies and in All Animals Great and Small

“Buck and Doe” was featured in All Animals Great and Small

“She’s Like the Wind” was featured in Rural Around the Globe

“Lamb Snuggle” was featured in Love, Love, Love

“Heaven and Earth” was featured in Night Photography

“Laughter in Lavendar” was featured in Image Writing and also in #1 Artists of RedBubble

“Child of the Wind” was featured in Music Inspired Art

I am always extremely grateful to the groups who take time to put my work up and inspire me to do more and better!

After having taken advantage of many, many group hosts and hostesses time, dedication and efforts to support my work for over a year now, I have decided it was time to give a little something back to the community.

Mike , Scott and I have launched our own new group here on Red Bubble called South Dakota about — you guessed it — places and people in South Dakota. So even if you feel you haven’t got anything to contribute (yet) I hope you’ll pop in and check us out and also spread the word to anyone else that you may know who is either interested in visiting South Dakota OR has work that isn’t in the group.

Thanks for everything!

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