Always thankful

For the many wonderful groups and group leaders who devote their time and energy to moderating, creating challenges, and featuring members… I would be remiss not to take a moment of time each month to thank these wonderful people for the way they have supported and promoted my photographic submissions. During the past couple of years that I have been a part of RedBubble it never ceases to fill me with surprise and gratitude to find my work recognized among so many talented individuals. Thank you ALL!! This is my favorite place in the whole “world wide web”.
You guys are AWESOME!!!!


Rainbow Promise

was feature in “Rural Around the Globe”

Adolescent Joy

was featured in “#1 Artists of RedBubble”

Haifa, Israel and Eliat, Israel were featured in “Cityscapes and Skylines”

Pursue Peace

was featured in “Image Writing”

Clay County Park

was featured in “Trees and Tree Parts”

Fields of Gold

was featured in “Music Inspired Art”

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