Sonic Vein - An outer space phenomenon.

Sonic Vein – An outer space phenomenonCreated and Revised by Doc Dodson 3-1-2008

We were in a galaxy class Starship. We were a gallant crew of one thousand.
Many of us are close friends. Some of us, were lovers.
We had just departed our solar system in route to do business
with a neighbor. It was a quiet run. Enveloped with maximum shield
energy our ship could move several times faster than the speed of light.
Quantum energy. As fast as a thought. Quantum sensors were our eyes.
What wondrous things could they see and hear.

Now a phenomenon appeared before us. It was a monstrous cloud with veins.
It was a cloud as large as a small planet. Hideous, yucky looking.
Red and green veins were coursing through it, pulsating. How bizarre it was.
It was disk shaped from a distance. The veins pulsed with light and shadow,
as the entire structure would phase into and out of visibility.
We wanted to stay clear of it. Something about it frightened us.
Jump it would. From one location to another, it jumped.
We couldn’t tell if it were mechanical, natural, alive or not.
In an instant it moved from an uncharted distance away and then suddenly,
terrifyingly toward us. In the moments to follow, away – away,
in unpredictable directions. In the next moment we were in it’s core.
“If only we thought fast enough to get away.”

Now within the phenomenon, we heard every sound from every place at once.
Whispers, then blast, then silence in alternating cycles, long and short.
Fingers of veins came through our shields and hull like whisp of smoke.
This was a place of madness and joy. A place of pain and euphoria.
Every spectrum of sound was upon us, with every emotion a sound can provoke.
Was this a place where all of sound in space was lost?

Space is a place of silence, a vacuum where sound can not travel.
Only signals traverse space, or so we thought. But not here, oh no.
Here sound seems to collect, modulate, and solidify.
Wispy fingers of smoke would appear around us, over us and below us,
and spread out, covering the floor, and the floors beneath us. The ship
echoed with the screams of terrified women. Then the smokey fingers would
harden like veins. Suddenly all of the screams were absorbed and mooted.
Then someone kicked one of the solidified veins. It shattered with a burst of sound.
Then many shattered on their own. Some shattered with voices saying terrible
things. Some with music that made our ears ring. Some made mechanical noise
and scratching sounds. Then some of them quickened us with horror,
because some of them would scream. This was a place of nightmare reality.
I felt every cell in my body vibrate with fear.

“and then it was gone.”

Our ship was adrift in space. All of us disoriented, dizzy. One thousand headaches
and bodies with pain. With blurred vision, gradually clearing, We looked at our
sensor screens. Far away, the sonic phenomenon was vanishing into the vast
distance. It was phasing and moving about, then gone. A quick glance at our
instruments show all systems are functioning properly.

Each station Officer silently hit the operations go signal to notify the control center
of their status. All stations manned and ready. We smiled at each other, and at the
uncanny nature of it all, we shook our heads. I started to laugh aloud as we were
prepared move on. Oh no, again came horror!
I couldn’t hear myself laugh.
We were all deaf.

Now an elderly crewman came onto the brigde and presented our Captain
with a letter. The letter read as follows.
Sorry, I wish I could have shown you this sooner.
I have experienced this before, last year on another crew.

That cloud was the corrupted Gaia of a dead world.
An alien world, very different from our own.

We must return home to our Gaia, and bathe in the living waters of Ogorath.
There we can all be healed. Take care now to go quickly, before the flesh
and blood of all of our crew should solidify and shatter. Vanishing into whisp of smoke. Now fast sir. Duplicate and circulate this letter with a warning.

Do not play music. Avoid contact with vibrating machinery.
Those who vibrate their throats when trying to talk or scream
will accelerate the condition, and they will die.

That is the curse of the corrupted Gaia.The cloud of horror, the Sonic Vein.

Sonic Vein - An outer space phenomenon.


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