Meditation for Smarties (there are no dummies).

What is meditation anyway?

Any experience that brings you into a feeling of calmness and awareness is a meditation.

Many folks shy away from even the word. meditation, as it conjures an image of sitting immoble on a cushion.

My style of meditation often involves activity…..pehaps a walking meditation, or a mantra (word of power) meditation, or even a reading aloud meditation.

One of the best meditations is the simple, yet profound, “I am” meditation.

Practice saying “I” with each inhale, and “am” with each exhale.

Not “I am this, or I am that.” Just I am.

Swami Satyananda Sarasvati, a living saint and founder of the Bihar School of Yoga, says enlightenment (conscious awareness) can be achieved by simply repeating " tatvam asi" over and over again. Tatvam asi simply means ’I am that" meaning I am that conscious awareness.

“I am” usually gets lost when it morphs into “I do this….this is my identity, or I like this but not that.”

The “real you” is a lot closer to “I am” that I am this or I am that.

Try dropping your perceived identity for just one moment….take away “I am a teacher, or I am a nurse”. Take away " I am sad, I am hurt, I am frustrated."

Just go with “I am.” No labels.

Why? Simply because you, the real you, are much more than a set of feelings.
You are more than that hurt or that sadness.

The real you is more like a silent witness, watching life unfold as if it were a movie.

Now here is the shocker….you are the writer/producer of your own movie.
You are also the audience and the projectionist.

If you don’t like the way your life-movie is unfolding,
you can change it… the choices you make today.

I went through most of life without awareness of the power of choice.
Often life felt like it is something that was “happening to me”, rather than the sum of the choices that I have made.

Want to change your life? Make good choices starting today.

Yoga and meditation will help you make those choices from your center, rather than choices dependent upon what others think or some other false sense of self.

This week I experienced the delight of a “marsh kayaking meditation” (thank you Jackie and Olivia!)….gliding along silently, aware of the smell of the sea and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Miracles, or accelerated synchronicities, often spontaneously occur when we find that still place called the center. The miracle of last weekend occurred when two sleek dolphins popped up by our kayaks to say “hello”.
I think they liked our vibe.



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