The Adventures of Willy & Chris: Out to Sea

“Willy, can we go on an adventure today?” Willy was always taking me on the best adventures.
“Aw Chris, c’mon. Maybe tomorrow. I’m busy.”
“Willy please! I really wanna go today!” My brother was sitting on the couch watching TV. He didn’t look so busy to me. After a minute of the sad puppy look he gave up.
“Oh alright. What kind of adventure?”
“Oh man. I don’t know. You pick. You’re better at picking.” He really was the best. Last week we went to Africa and rode on elephants. And the week before that we went to Alaska and played checkers with Eskimos!
He pretended to stroke his beard and think for a minute. “Okay. What if we go for a voyage on the sea?”
“But Willy, where we gonna find the sea? We don’t live by the sea.” Maybe we could find elephants in the front yard, but we couldn’t make up water, could we?
“In the backyard, of course.”
“There’s water in the backyard?” I got really excited. I looked outside, but it looked like it always did to me. Just a deck and a few trees. “Where? I don’t see any water.”
“C’mon matey. Follow me. We’ve got to put up our sails!” Willy jumped off the couch and ran out the back door. The screen door slammed shut behind him. Sails? What sails? There were no sails in our backyard.. I thought maybe all the adventures were starting to make Willy really crazy, not just pretend this time. Just in case, I followed him. I didn’t want to miss the fun.
I ran to the screen door, pulled it open, and got ready to step out on the deck only.. the deck was gone. There was a pier in its place! My eyes got really big and I could tell I was smiling really big. Oh man! A pier! I looked down to the end, and there was Willy, on our boat. I took off.
“Hurry mate! We’re about to cast off!” Willy had a patch over his left eye and a dark blue bandana on his head. He was holding the ropes in his hands. The ship really was about to leave! I ran as fast as I could. Willy had his hand reached out for me to grab, and he pulled me up on the ship. And he was right, there was water! Lots of it, with waves and everything. I don’t know why I ever doubted him..
How did I not know there was a boat in our backyard? It was huge! It had decks that needed to be mopped, it had sails. It had one of those big round things with the pegs that they use to steer. There were ropes to swing from. I could hardly take it all in.
“C’mon, we’ve got to hurry or we’ll miss our slop.”
“Slop? What’s slop, Willy?”
“Dinner, mate. And me name’s not Willy. Out here I’m Peg Leg McGee. All me friends call me Mac.”
“Well if you’re not Willy, does that mean I’m not Chris?”
“Of course you’re not Chris. Out here yer Davie the One Eyed Wonder.”
“Okay Mac. Let’s get some slop!”
“Not so quick there Davie. Look, out at sea! An enemy ship!” I looked up, but there was nothing there, just the sea.
“Where Mac? I don’t see.” I wanted to see; I didn’t want to let Mac down, but all I saw was water.
“C’mon Davie, the telescope!” He ran across the deck to the other end of the ship, so I followed him. On the rail of the ship, there was a telescope, attached with some sort of fancy thing to keep it from falling. “Look through here,” he told me.
I put my eye up to the hole and looked out to sea. There it was! “Mac, I see it! What will we do?” I looked at Mac. I was scared. The pirate flag was flying with their sails, and that meant bad news. They were getting closer, too. When I looked back at the water, I could see the ship without the telescope. Man, they could move fast!
“Quick! Get below deck, Davie!” Mac ran back across the ship and down the stairs. I ran after him as fast as I could. When we got downstairs, we were in a bedroom. There were two beds, one for me and one for Mac. I could tell my bed was the one on the left because my rocket ship blanket was there! The other bed had a boring blue blanket. My transformers were on the night stand, too, right next to my alarm clock. How’d all that stuff get down here? I was about to ask Mac what to do next when we felt a huge CRASH! I ran and jumped on my bed and pulled the blanket up to my chin.
“Mac? What was that?!”
“That was probably the other ship. You know what that means.” I thought and thought but I didn’t know what that meant.
“What’s it mean Mac? Is it bad?” I was so scared. I didn’t want the bad guys on our ship.
“It means we’re gonna have to fight. Grab yer weapon!”
“My weapon?” Oh no. “What weapon? I don’t have a weapon. They’re gonna get me, aren’t they? Don’t let them get me!” Mac would protect me; I knew he would. But pirates are scary; everybody knows that..
“Under yer bed, mate! That’s where all good sailers hide their weapons.” Why would I keep anything under my bed? I trusted Mac, though, so I leaned over and reached as far as I could. My handed landed on the handle of a sword! I pulled it out.
“Mac! I found it, my weapon! You were right!”
“Of course I was matey!” He had his sword out too. He walked over to the bottom of the stairs and waved his hand for me to follow. He put his finger on his lips to tell me to shh. I walked as quiet as I could to where he was. He had his sword out in front of him, ready to attack. I copied him and tried to hold mine just like he did. We started up the stairs. One by one. We couldn’t let them know we were coming. We could hear them, jumping onto our ship. I guess they weren’t trying to be quiet. It’s a good thing bad guys usually aren’t too smart. Otherwise us good guys would be in big trouble. We had made it half way up the stairs, and they still didn’t know we were coming. We kept going as slowly as we could. We had one more step left…
“Willy! Chris! Dinner’s ready!” It was Mom.
I turned around to yell at her, to tell her to be quiet or the pirates would hear, but the water was gone. There was no pier. Just a deck, with our house connected to it. And my mom standing at the screen door. I turned to find Mac, but he was gone, too. Only Willy was next to me; no eye patch, no bandana.
“Mom! Why’d you have to do that? You ruined it!” She looked back at me like I was crazy. But I was used to that. She didn’t understand our adventures.
“Don’t worry, matey,” Willy said. “We’ll come back and fight ’em off tomorrow.”
“You promise?” I didn’t want them to attack our ship while we were gone.
“I promise.”

The Adventures of Willy & Chris: Out to Sea


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Willy and Chris’ first adventure

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