Times Places Faces (song lyrics)

Do you remember nights
we stayed out till dawn
even the streets of london
glow warm in the morning sun
thinking of times gone by
times and places friends so close

Do you remember party nights
after dancing layed back
chilled out moments
talkining nonsense
making sense
yes i remember the morning sun
friends so close
a live well travelled friends so close

Do you remember nights up town
pubs and clubs last slow dance
bump and grind
eggs and bacon Euston staition
waiting for the first train home

Do you remember i walked you
to your door
the first kiss goodnight
feeling like Gene Kelly
singing in the rainheart beating fast
couldnt wait to see you again
may not last for now its all i ask

A time more simple then
friday night pay in my pocket
new shirt looking good night on the town
bright lights city nights
bright lights night on the town
looking back at times and places
all the poeple and thier faces
looking back at good times past
lifes long journey gone so fast

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