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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cada uno tiene una palabra que lo activa, que es motor vital. Yo conscientemente me impongo la búsqueda, pero mi palabra es...

Is there love in this world?


“So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world.”
Isadora Duncan

A separate report by UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the
Caribbean (ECLAC) noted that while the percentage of the population living
in poverty in the region dropped to 33.2 per cent or 182 million people in
2008 from 34.1 per cent pr 184 million the previous year, the actual number
of people living in extreme poverty rose to 71 million (12.9 per cent) from
68 million people (12.6 per cent).
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Antonio Berni’s paintings:
See the most wonderful gallery to know this sensitive and great argentine artist


Nuestro ideal no llega a las estrellas,
es sereno, sencillo;
quisiéramos hacer miel como abejas,
o tener dulce voz o fuerte grito,
o fácil caminar sobre las hierbas,
o senos donde mamen nuestros hijos."
-———————————-Federico García Lorca

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