Dmarie Becker

Milwaukee, United States

Love the arts, nature, animals… / Animals are what brings me happiness / and art colors my world! / zazzle



This is the time of year for family and friends. A time when hardship is mended. A time of year when love is given so freely.
During Christmas is when the world almost seems at peace. Why does it have to be for Christmas to come for peace to be granted in the world?
Why can’t everyday be like Christmas?
Why can’t the love be given without it having to be a holiday?
If only we can all learn to love one another each and everyday as if it were a holiday, then there wouldn’t be so much hatred, pain, hunger, loneliness, homelessness…
There is no need for any of that to happen.
Even if it takes one person to reach inside their heart, that is the beginning to lead others to do the same.
Reach out to someone you don’t know during these holidays.
Befriend a lonely person. Feed someone that is hungry and … first sales

I am totally excited…I made 3 sales today with my T-shirts!!!
Thank you to whomever did the purchases!!!
It made my night… :-)
This is the coolest site I have ever found on the internet…

Thank you to everyone...

A little thank you to all that have commented on my work, viewed my work and favored my work…
I just joined redbubble in October and I am glad I did. This is a very nice site and I see so many talented artists/photographers…
Everyone keep up the good work!!!

The Pain

The Pain

My eyes first saw with love, my heart first felt with tenderness, my arms first felt comfort, but then I saw your hands.
My eyes saw the evil, my heart felt the pain, my arms showed the bruises and my lips tasted the blood.
I always thought you would love me and want me.
I never ever thought that you could hate me so much.
I never knew I was your mistake.
Mommy I am sorry I am not what you wanted, but I will always love you.
I am in heaven now mommy.
I told God you didn’t mean to hurt me.
I told Him you were very sad all the time.
I asked Jesus to forgive you and when your time is up on earth, you can come and be with us in paradise.
Mommy, I now have my wings to fly like an early morning dove.

Copyright © 2006 D.M. Becker

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

The happy dreams of my childhood that I really thought might last, I just realized as I grew up that they were just dreams in my past.
Now I walk back to my wishing well where all my dreams did start, I only knew they would all come true when I was young with a child’s heart.
Yet as I bend over my wishing well and begin to wish once more, I wish one of my dreams back then would be more real than before.

Copyright © 2006 DMBecker

The Moon

The moon is shining bright
Stars twinkle from the heavens above
Waves rolling across the water making music
Sail boats drifting along the sea like phantoms in the night
Wind whistling through the trees
Nightime has draped itself across me
Cool midnight air kisses my skin as nature sings to me


Silent whispers of the world straining to hear the words.
The only sound is the soft melodic whispers of nature.

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