Dmarie Becker

Milwaukee, United States

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The Pain

The Pain

My eyes first saw with love, my heart first felt with tenderness, my arms first felt comfort, but then I saw your hands.
My eyes saw the evil, my heart felt the pain, my arms showed the bruises and my lips tasted the blood.
I always thought you would love me and want me.
I never ever thought that you could hate me so much.
I never knew I was your mistake.
Mommy I am sorry I am not what you wanted, but I will always love you.
I am in heaven now mommy.
I told God you didn’t mean to hurt me.
I told Him you were very sad all the time.
I asked Jesus to forgive you and when your time is up on earth, you can come and be with us in paradise.
Mommy, I now have my wings to fly like an early morning dove.

Copyright © 2006 D.M. Becker

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