Dmarie Becker

Milwaukee, United States

Love the arts, nature, animals… / Animals are what brings me happiness / and art colors my world! / zazzle


I am sorry for the journal I posted earlier!!! OMG…this is a Sunday I want to forget existed. My AC broke, my cell fell in the toilet, my legs have razor burn, I have PMS, and because of all this, I had a tantrum. Through my cell and broke off the foot on one of my clown dolls!!! My insurance company is not covering one of my meds until they get a form from my doc saying why I need these meds and I called the insurance and cussed them out…!!!… Thank God I live alone, because if I had a room mate, they wouldn’t be here today!!! LOL…LOL… UGH, GRRR, POOP!!!…I don’t even like me much right now!!! I do appreciate my friends on here very much!!! It just was not a good day!!!

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