"Dave Danger And The Search For Last Calusa", Chapter 1 "The Village"

Look here Wreck!….seen anything like this before?…Yes I,ve seen something like this in ol Mel’s museum back home in the keys….Looks like an old piece of breast plate armor to me.. maybe16th or 17th century….This is a great find!…Looks like huricaine Charlie swept through here and opened up this whole area. I’ve been waiting a long long time for just this thing to happen Wreck.thats why were out here this afternoon. I’am telling you its here some were Wreck.!… God be praised there it is!!..Whats that look like to you Wreck? .. Looks like an outline to a hallf dozen buildings to me Dave!..This is either an old Calusa site or Juan’s lost village, lets find out. Wreck what do you think of this wood….This is not natural to this area. This looks like cut timber to me, this is not a Calusa site…You think that piece of armor might date this site. Maybe Wreck but it could also be a Calusa trophy, the Calusa had a number of battles with the spanish you know.
EEEEEEEKKKEEEKKKKKKEEE!!!!…What was that????I dont know Wreck but it sure sounded angry…You ever here something like that before Dave!!OK… I’am getting the Ebbe Jebbies now!..O shut up Wreck, you get the Ebbe Jebbies in the haunted mansion at Disney World…EEEEEEKKKKKEEEEEEKKKKEEEE!!!Well with that I think we better start to find some were to spend the night, it’ll be dark in half an hour, what do you say to that Wreck!.. I’am all for that Dave!…Dave I think what ever it is thats making that sound its now following us.. and getting closer!.. I think youre right Wreck! Lets pick up the pace….. I can hardly see know Dave.!..Be still Wreck…Listen!.. here that?..I don’t like the sound of that…Quick lets climb up this old oak tree….Well Wreck feal better now!..Not really!… Hand me the flashlight Wreck. Dont you have it! No Wreck your supposed to have it, remember! EEEEEEEKKKKEEEEEEKKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!!Well wreck what ever that is it sure has a liking for you, sure thats not one of your girl friends!… Funny Dave!..I can hardly see now but what ever that is down there its not panther!.. Why do you say that Dave?.. Well Wreck if it was a panther or one of your girl friends it would be up here with us, and I have never heard a panther make a sound like that before, however I think I heard one of your girlfriends make a sound like that once….Really Dave!..have you ever heard anything make a sound like that before?…No but it sounds alot like something Charlie Fox Sguirrel told me once. What was that Dave?..Charlie called it the spirite of the glades. Well were no were near the glades Dave!.. Charlie says he’s seen this thing once and his discription sounds a lot like Big Foot…Big Foot !…now your starting to give me the Scarry Larryies!..Well Wreck we use to call this thing the Skunk Ape in my part of the state, however the so called Skunk Ape has not been seen outside of the everglades since the 1970s… I think I’am going to try to get a little higher up this tree Dave. Don’t freak out Wreck, hand me the GPS maybe its got a bright enough lite on it to give us a glimpse of whats down there. Sorry Dave!!! lost it to… Great!.. now its going to be very hard to find are way back to that site. Well were do you think were at Dave?.. Well Wreck!..I know exactly were we are at!…Were is that Dave?…We are west of Charlotte Harbor and slap dab in the middle of the Islands Wilderness area, and midway up this old oak tree. Wow your pretty good Dave!…Shut up Wreck! its going to be a lot of work finding are way out of here tommorrow so try an get some sleep. Ye right Dave!..I’am going to sleep with the Skunk Ape waiting to make breakfast out of me in the morning…
Dave….Dave!….What is it now Wreck!..You awake! ..No I,am having a nightmare, and the nightmare is talking to me!….Sorry for awayking you cranky!…What is it Wreck?..Its almost light, can I see that piece of armor. sure I have been sleeping on it all night its quite a pain. Look Dave see this!..Yes I see it Wreck, looks like a….yes its a coat of arms, or whats left of one. I have seen this before some were Dave!.. let me think!…yes I think I have seen this coat in my Dad’s collection, some were in his museum. You sure?.. Well about as sure as one can be after sitting in a tree all night. Good point Wreck!.. Lets get down from here before my back gives out!..You first Dave!…You know Dave I see how your family got its name, werever you go there always seems to be some kind of danger!….Your right Wreck my family allways seems to hang out with danger magnets like you…come on lets get out of here!.. Well looks like you made it through the night Wreck, now that were out of that old oak tree lets look around and see what was after us last night….Look at the size of that!!!!…that sure is big,!.. but what is it?.. That Wreck is a very large foot print, and over there is some very large courger prints….You think there associated Dave?.. I dont think so Wreck just coincidence, or maybe…Big Foot turned into a werewolf, or maybe the werewolf turned into Big Foot.!…That’s really funny Dave
Yea Wreck really!!.. lets start heading south with any luck we should run into our canoe in a couple of hours. That is if Ole Big Foot hasn’t found it and decided to take a joy ride. Don’t scare me like that Dave.
Well Dave I guess their right.!…..What do you mean Wreck? …well everybody I know that knows you say’s you can find just about anything! see there it is!..There’s are canoe….Just luck Wreck, just luck!

"Dave Danger And The Search For Last Calusa", Chapter 1 "The Village"

David Lee Thompson

Tampa, United States

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