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Please Help! 30,000 birds dead, thousands more covered in oil

This week a massive storm swept into the Black Sea sinking dozens of ships and breaking apart a Russian oil tanker. Over a half million gallons of thick fuel oil was spilled and initial reports suggest some 30,000 birds may have been killed. Thousands more are covered in oil and face death in the coming weeks.

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Over 50 kilometers of Russian coastline are impacted by this oil spill, including critical habitat for migrating and wintering birds. At the Russian government’s request we’ve deployed our emergency response team to help as many as possible of the tens of thousands of animals suffering in the wake of this disaster.

Because oil spills like this cause widespread devastation to coastal ecosystems and marine life IFAW created the Emergency Relief Team. Since 1989 when IFAW responded to the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska we have become a world-class team of experts in rehabilitating animals injured in oil spills. When there is a disaster, your support helps us provide the best care possible for oiled wildlife globally.

Every day animals are thrown into life-threatening situations. IFAW is dramatically improving their chances of survival by making expertise widely available and coordinating vital on-the-ground efforts to save lives and end suffering.

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