BubbleMania Open for Artwork, Tees, Writing WITH Qualifications. Please read.

Okay, I’m opening BubbleMania up to artists in general in RedBubble. This is a heads up to moderators NOT to delete out of hand. Artists may select one image as a “signature” work to represent themselves. (Later, we’ll have special promos and all artists may of course collaborate on their own promos here, but, for right now, limit it to one image that you think best exemplifies you and your work.)

Understand that if you submit artwork to BubbleMania, you are agreeing that your artwork, tee, and/or writing may be used for promotional purposes…with the artist/author credited, of course. You may not sue anyone for copyright infringement, neither anyone in RedBubble or RedBubble itself. If you don’t want your work used, the simple solution is DO NOT ADD IT TO THIS GROUP. When we get ready to launch a promo that includes your work, you will be asked to e-sign a release.

PLEASE NOTE: All artwork, clothing, and journal entries added must have moderator approval before it becomes visible, so don’t panic if it doesn’t show up right away.

More later. That’s enough for now.

And to start things off, I’m approving the present work of art in the moderation queue.

DLKeur, BubbleMania group leader

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