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Gracey brings up something that I think bears examination: Close to a year ago I sat down and took a hard look at what I was doing (stock) – you could be successful in stock, but it didn’t feel like art. While there is a creative component, it wasn’t what I wanted. I wasn’t satisfied with it – other people telling you what to create (because that’s what they can sell) started to really annoy me.

I do (and used to do a lot more) work-for-hire graphic art and design. Someone would come in, holding some idea in their mind or in their hands as a sketch, and want the work created for them. If I took the job, I would then sit down and create as close an approximation of their vision that I could, using whatever tools and means I had to in order to produce it for them. And there’s the key words: FOR THEM.

If you are a professional doing artwork FOR others, you are an artist, yes, but you are doing work FOR others. You are not doing your art. You are not creating artwork which is your artistic expression.

When you create your OWN artwork, then you are creating your own expression and your own trademark work. This narrows the market to people who are drawn to your work…if you can get an audience.

The middle ground, of course, is to create designs, illustrations, and artwork, then offer it as commercially available for licensing, for projects, for applications. When and if someone wants it, then contract details are finalized, and you lose the ability to control and even present that piece of work until the contract expires.

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