Wow, contact thru web form. I'm making some of you suspicious? Okay, let's explore this.

I never really expected people to jump over to to contact me concerning this spark of an idea I’m working on to benefit RedBubble artists. But contact me they did…through my contact webform…which is okay. I don’t mind…except that somebody else reads it, then directs it to me if they think it is something I need to see.

So, it seems that I’m making some of you…nervous? Suspicious? About what?

Let’s start at the beginning, so you can understand me a bit better.

I’ve been on the Internet for a LONG time. I’ve been on the World Wide Web since 1997. There is a difference, but let’s not go into that because it really doesn’t matter in the short or the long run. I’m an artist. I and my husband started as a kind of potpourri website that respresented our interests. We began it officially in 1999. And we have never used the WWW as anything other than a place to help people…which is what we do. We are both teachers, we are both philosophers, we are both deeply involved in the humanities, we are both deeply involved with people and with social and/or conservation groups worldwide.

For us, the Internet and later the World Wide Web were and continue to be a place where people can make a difference for themselves and for others, Both of us are zentaoist, which is a philosophy unto itself and embraces three principle concepts: The right to exist, the right to self-determination, and the right to non-interference, this all wrapped by a “do no harm, but allow no harm” philosophy.

We’re martial artists, promoting self-defense when the self is targeted by an agressor. We’re pacifists in that we believe “not be there,” to be the best self-defense. We’re also altruists, giving of ourselves freely not to benefit ourselves, but to benefit all, even when it means we ourselves might lose “assets” or “property” as a result.

We give freely of ourselves. And we hold that truth and giving and love and understanding and embracing differences between each other, all things living and non-living, coupled with wisdom is the only viable future for Earth, including humanity.

What we are not are Dominionists. What we are not are sagacious. What we are not are predators. What we are not are entrepreneurs.

In truth, we are relatively simple people in that we live simply, our joys are our lives, and we truly believe in cultivating the goodness, not taking people or things for all their worth to pad a bank account.

So that’s who we are, in a nutshell.

So, why would I venture to suggest a group that promotes RedBubble artists?

Because I’ve been here close to a month, and I’m seeing a lot of energy and a lot of desire on the part of artists here. But this energy and this desire is relatively ineffectual in the grander scheme of the World Wide Web. If we, instead, focus our energy and develope strategies, then move those strategies into applications, we can make a difference as a whole and cause a ripple in the pond that is the World Wide Web.

Enough? No? Maybe? Yes? Well, I have to stop here for a moment and help a client. Meanwhile, post any questions you might have, or criticize at will, or tear me a new one, or do whatever. Meanwhile, I’m an artist, a successful artist, and I’m here to have fun and to see how we can have fun and, better, joy, together. It’s something few people understand about Forrest and I.

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