Okay, Artists, let's rock and roll. I think we need to start a GROUP THINK.

Who would be interested in a group…not to promote specific artwork, but rather to promote RedBubble to consumers, a group to generate ideas and work towards enterprising our presence and activities here to greater benefit the community at large and our own work within it.

Also, I started a group on the net called ikartists, but, since discovering the Bubble, I’m thinking that my net time would be better spent here, working in this very friendly and functional venue with you, all of us working toward one goal, which is to get consumers over here and looking at and buying our artwork…the artwork of their choice.

Ideas? I’ve got more than several supporting websites that are top-ranked on the major search engines for art and art related subjects, and they can be used to facilitate redbubble ranking and artists. They aren’t being used effectively right now, though they do hold top ranking, and I’m game to help anyone who is game to help themselves without requiring someone to hand hold them.

Sound tough? Well, I’m actually a teddy bear. But I’m also unwilling to do all the work myself…which is what usually happens. This would be a collaborative community project with members participating at will to their own and each other’s benefit, and to the RedBubble community itself…unless there already IS such a community group here…and if so, my mistake. I missed it yesterday when I thought I went through all the groups.

Just pondering. If anyone is intersted, or anyone wants to roll with this themselves instead of me in the drivers seat, that would be GREAT. I’ve got a very full plate as it is.

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