Groups & Definitions

I just took the time to go through all the groups, reading the guidelines, then poking about a bit into those which had some active discussions in their forums. It makes for interesting reading, and it takes some of the guesswork (some) out of whether to join a group or not to join a group. However, a few of them, while their guidelines seem relatively straight-forward seem to have some silent qualifications or perhaps should be groups “by invitation only.”

I took the chance and joined some that, while I think my work is suitable and belongs, might take exception to my presence. We’ll see. While I’m not much of one for groups in the sense of institutions and organized, constrained “think” of any kind, I think that in art, groups at RedBubble work a bit like Galleries in the real world and they help in categorizing images. Therefore did I think to try it.

If some group or its membership thinks perhaps they would prefer me removed, do Bubblemail me and I’ll remove myself.


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