Laptop in Bed with Tea, Wires, and Covers.

Well, me and my laptop are in bed. DSL connect keeps getting wrapped up in the covers. I’ve orders to “stay in bed,” which is a very difficult thing for me.

I notice that my help uploaded more of my T-Shirt designs, converting them to redbubble specs. I’ll have to thank her when she gets to the office. So, between naps, I’ll be surfing the bubble, and maybe trying to do a bit of writing or artwork. This “disease” which is running rampant through the schools and the community here, is nasty and ugly. Goes from a head-cold to a chest-cold, and attacks the inner ear making walking a dangerous activity as suddenly the world turns sideways without you even realizing it happened except for the fact that you’ve got a sore face from landing on hard floor.

According to health folks, this thing just keeps going round and round. You get over one bout of it, then it comes back later via somebody else, a changed creature and the fight begins all over. Needless to say, I’m NOT amused.

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