An Afternoon of Painting...Wood.

Well, jauntily at home this afternoon, I decided to refresh Blood of the Monkey, and turn it into a T-Shirt. So, while waiting for the upload of a tshirt design for the Conservation Art Group here, I started an outside project as well since the day was excellent for it (no rain, a bit of sun, and 60 degrees). And once I started, well, there was no stopping. So the trellis and the picnic table are both done now. There’s only one small problem. As usual when I paint…oil on canvas or utility jobs like the house or…well, once done, I’m the same color as what I was painting. So…anyone like a hummin’ bean whose a nice shade a homogenous neutral…from head to foot? (Hubs is gonna laugh his tush off when he sees me. Oh well.)

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