Happy New Year of the Yang Wood Horse!

Gong Xi Fat Cai!

Can you feel the shift? The year of the Yang Wood Horse is a shift happening right now to a mood of optimism and inspiration! If you open to it, you will be propelled , led by the reins, if you will, into purposeful action. We are leaving behind two years of introspection and even depression into a year of illumination, promise and vision.

The past two years have been Water years: 2012 was Yang Water Dragon and 2013 was Yin Water Snake, whereby degenerative forces were at work. In water there is often dissolution and emotional upheaval. When you try to hold onto certainty and solidity in Water years, you suffer more, as chaos and formlessness are key to Water. Soul-searching is not an uncommon hallmark of a Water year.

Horse symbolizes freedom and minding the heart and senses. This is a year to burst forth for creatives, and to follow your heart and intuition toward a life of meaning. Yang Horse’s message is to follow your heart’s desire, using your mind to support the heart’s yearning for success in your endeavors.

Hold onto the mane and ride the horse fearlessly!

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