22 december 2007 The Days are good

Ive now officially been here for a day, Im slowly managing to upload my images such a big job to do as well, especially as im doing most of it fromk my laptop as the main machine has finally conked out and vista on this laptop sedems to like khaving a tis woz on a frerquent basis, so bersides all the nightmares and niggles im getting there, I have recieved some nice comments about my work and would like to take this opportunity to thank those people, feedback is a brillant way to assess the work you upload, thankyou once again, and now that wse are in the Christmas period I am hopping to get some great images that can be worked on and should be on here early new year as for the work currently apperaing in my portfolio, this kis still my original stuff pre-redbubble what a great find this website was.

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