Publications ~ 2012

I have not been “out” shooting a lot this year. Life taking its turns and all. I do miss the outings. I hope to get out soon. However, I do have some news to share.

A local paper “The Explorer” published Great Horned Owl ~ Sunset Silhouette in the Reader Photo of the Week page. A small feat, but exciting for me nonetheless!

The next is much more exciting!!

I entered the 2013 Arizona Game and Fish calendar contest. I did not get chosen for the calendar (sad face). however I did get Honorable Mention along with 37 other artist (many here on Redbubble) for this image!

Again they may not seem like much for a photographer, but someone chose my image and that is what is all about for me. To be noticed somewhere, by someone. To be appreciated for what i can do with a simple Point & Shoot camera. It isn’t the toys you own or the money spent, it is the passion and heart behind them :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and if I don’t pop on before, My you all be blessed with a fabulous Christmas and New Year!!

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